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Questions and answers

How to place an order on the website in Zaporozhye?
To place an order on the Felicita website, follow these steps: choose the product you're interested in, click "Add to Cart." Proceed to the checkout process, enter your delivery details, and select the payment method. Click "Confirm Order" and wait for the order confirmation with delivery details. After confirmation, await the delivery to the specified address.
How long does delivery take in Zaporozhye?
Delivery time can vary from 2-3 hours, depending on your location, the chosen time slot, and the workload (if it's during holidays). Express delivery is subject to a different rate
Is delivery to the region possible Zaporozhye?

Yes, our service delivers to the region. To inquire about the possibility of delivery and its cost to your locality, please contact our manager

How to check the order status?

You can check the status of your order in your personal account on the website. Additionally, you will receive notifications about the order status to the email address you provided during the order placement. You can also contact our manager and inquire about the order status using the order number

Is same-day delivery possible?

Yes, we can deliver your order on the same day during our business hours. You can select this option when placing your order, and your order will be delivered on the same day. If the order is placed 1-2 hours before the end of the business day, you should check with our manager for the possibility of same-day delivery

Is it possible to deliver without the recipient's phone number?
For a more successful delivery of the bouquet, it's better to provide the recipient's phone number, but in some cases, delivery is also possible without it. Try to provide the manager with as much other information about the recipient as possible so that the courier can easily locate them and deliver your order to the right person

Zaporizhia and Felicita: Excellence in Every Bouquet

Zaporizhia, with its unique character and cultural features, is one of the cities that inspire the art of floristry. Each bouquet from Felicita is not just a collection of flowers; it is a reflection of the soul of Zaporizhia: its history, dynamic rhythm, and, of course, its people.

Collaborating with local suppliers and florists, we strive to ensure that each bouquet is perfectly tailored to the preferences and tastes of our clients from Zaporizhia. We believe that flowers can speak much more than words, and that's why each of our bouquets is created with special attention to detail and with heart.

Advantages of Our Delivery Service in Zaporizhia: Why Choose Us

1. Local Understanding: Working in Zaporizhia, we deeply understand the mentality of its residents, their preferences, and expectations. This allows us to create bouquets that precisely meet the customers' needs.

2. Flexibility: Whether it's a specific time interval for delivery, special composition preferences for the bouquet, or an urgent order, we are ready to accommodate the customer's requests.

3. Responsibility: We guarantee the freshness of every flower in the bouquet. Our specialists meticulously oversee all stages—from selecting the supplier to the moment of delivery.

4. Transparency: We provide honest prices with no hidden fees. Additionally, the customer can always inquire about the status of their order.

5. Experienced Florists: Our team consists of professionals who constantly refine their skills, staying updated with the latest trends in the world of floristry.

Range for City Dwellers: From Classic to Exclusive

Zaporizhia is a city of contrasts. Its dynamic life demands suitable representation in the bouquets we offer. Felicita takes this factor into account and presents diverse compositions for every occasion.

1. Classic Bouquets: Roses, lilies, tulips—these flowers never lose their relevance. They are suitable for romantic dates, birthdays, anniversaries, and other festive events.

2. Seasonal Offerings: The flowers we offer depend on the season. In spring, fresh tulips and narcissi dominate our bouquets; in summer, bright sunflowers and daisies; in autumn, golden chrysanthemums; and in winter, violets and azaleas.

3. Exclusive Collections: If you're seeking something special, our team of florists can create a bouquet according to your individual order. Exotic flowers, rare combinations, and unusual compositions—all can be found at Felicita.

4. Additional Accessories: Each bouquet can be complemented with gifts, from balloons and chocolates to beautiful cards and decorative elements.

Guaranteed Freshness: How We Care for Every Flower

The freshness of flowers is one of our top priorities. We understand that the quality of a bouquet directly depends on the freshness of each petal.

1. Careful Selection: We collaborate only with verified suppliers and farmers who share our passion for perfect flowers.

2. Optimal Storage Conditions: We have special refrigerators that maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for each type of flower.

3. Fast Delivery: After creating a bouquet, we aim to deliver it to the recipient as quickly as possible to ensure its freshness and beauty.

4. Care at Every Stage: Our florists and couriers have undergone special training in flower care to guarantee their perfect condition at all times.

5. Quality Control: Before dispatch, each bouquet undergoes inspection for damages and compliance with Felicita's standards.

Delivery in Zaporizhia: Fast, Careful, and Timely

Impeccable service for every customer. At Felicita, we take pride in our delivery service, which works day by day for your satisfaction.

1. Professional Team: Our couriers undergo training and regular training sessions to meet the company's high standards.

2. Automated Planning: We use modern technologies to optimize routes, ensuring fast and efficient delivery.

3. Flexible Schedule: You can choose a convenient delivery time, and we will certainly consider your preferences.

4. Special Packaging: Flowers are delivered in sturdy and beautiful packaging that ensures their preservation during transportation.

5. Real-Time Tracking: Thanks to our tracking service, you will always know the whereabouts of your order.

Optimal Solution for Unexpected Surprises: Online Orders with Felicita

Making surprises has become easier than ever. With our online ordering service, you can bring joy to your loved ones with just a few clicks.

1. Intuitive Interface: On our website, it's easy to find and select the perfect bouquet. Bright photos and detailed descriptions will help you make the right choice.

2. Quick Ordering Process: Simply add the bouquet to the cart, provide the delivery address and preferred time, and your order will be processed.

3. Multiple Payment Methods: We offer various payment methods to meet customers' needs.

4. Discount and Promotion System: Regular promotions and discounts make ordering even more advantageous.

5. Online Consultation: If you have questions or difficulties in choosing, our consultants are always ready to help in real time.

Collaborating with us is a guarantee of quality, individual approach, and high-level service. Our reputation in Zaporizhia is built on trust and years of experience. Felicita is not just flower delivery; it's the art of making life brighter.


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