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Petr, 2024.02.23
Which year do not let down: flowers, cards, sweets for the most dear people for 2000 km from me. Thank you for the quality and efficiency!
Marina, 2024.02.22
Excellent work, comfortable, fast. Called, clarified all, delivered on time! Recommend!
Valentina, 2024.02.21
I ordered a composition for my sister. Exactly what they wanted! Sister was delighted! Guys! Thank you so much for bringing joy to people! I wish you good luck and prosperity !!
Valentin, 2024.02.20
Thank you so much!!! being over many thousands of kilometers with your help turned out to be a great surprise!
Vitaly, 2024.02.19
The first time I used the services of your site and did not lose. Less than 2 hours, and the girl is happy already calling and radiating happiness !!! Thank you for the good mood for your beloved!
Andrey, 2024.02.18
Thank you, nice that we have such companies! It is easy to place an order and the most important chic bouquet was delivered on time, which delivered a lot of positive emotions! Thanks !!!
Victoria, 2024.02.17
For the first time, I used the services of the company, and remained very satisfied. Everything is simple, convenient and in time. The flowers were fresh and leaflets were not forgotten. Thanks a huge courier. I ordered another.
Ruslan, 2024.02.16
Everything is great! A bouquet of fresh, lush! The girl was delighted! Be sure will order more!
Artem, 2024.02.15
Thank you very much to your team for helping to make people happy! Flowers are always fresh, and delivery is fast) your client forever
Victor, 2024.02.14
Thank you very much for your work !!! My mother is very pleased, perfectly well, being at such a distance there is an opportunity to make such a pleasant surprise to her loved ones !!! You are great! Thank you!
Katya, 2024.02.13
Twice used the services, no complaints, everyone happy.
Sergey, 2024.02.12
Thank you so much for your work. Thanks to you, there is an opportunity to bring joy to loved ones even being very far away. Everything is done exactly and on time. Gifts of excellent quality.
Igor, 2024.02.11
A good surprise turned out mom, even after a call about the upcoming delivery and suspected something. thank you very much.
Katya, 2024.02.10
Thank you very much, everything is clear and smooth. The recipient was delighted
Olga, 2024.02.09
Thank you very much! The order was completed on time, the flowers in the bouquet were fresh, colorful and in reality look better than in the picture .. I am very glad that it turned out to be pleasant for the mother, despite the distances. Thank you for this opportunity! Thank you all for giving us a holiday!
Irina, 2024.02.08
On March 8, rose flowers were delivered, which wilted away in three days, and some of them were already dead, so they glued them together with scotch tape.
Val, 2024.02.07
I ordered the bouquet for the first time ... I was pleasantly surprised by the service of the work. Everything was done on time. Huge thanks! If you need help with this service again, I have no doubt in my choice ... Good luck !!!
Natalia, 2024.02.06
Thank you so much, it's nice to deal with professionals. The staff, polite sensitive, attentive. The order was placed and delivered very quickly. Thanks to you I managed to give a minute of joy to my girlfriend. You are young !!! And in the future I will use your services. Thank you for being there.
Galina, 2024.02.05
Thank you so much for a great bouquet! The recipient was delighted! With great pleasure I will recommend your company to friends and acquaintances! The bouquet is amazing!
Julia, 2024.02.04
Very nice store. All delivered on time. Beautiful bouquet. Very polite and nice delivery service. Thank you!
Michel, 2024.02.03
These people do the impossible. The lady doubted whether to go to meet with the courier and did not want to take a photo. As a result, everything was handed, amused and promptly sent 2 photos) Thank you)
Natalia, 2024.02.02
A big thanks to the whole team for efficiency and quality. Placing the order late in the evening, to be honest, there was no confidence in its implementation in the early morning of the next day. Not let down. You are great! Keep it up! Thanks again :)
SaSha , 2024.02.01
Vse super!!!
Sergey, 2024.01.31
I ordered a bouquet for my beloved, on March 8, everything was transported, only an hour late, they can be understood on such a day. But the plus is that they called for earlier and warned that there will be a delivery. The girl is just thrilled. Fresh flowers !!! Thank you for the work, now I will always order from you.
Alina, 2024.01.30
Thank you for the holiday delivery. We arrived even earlier than expected. Mom is very happy surprise! Already the second order and I will contact you again;)
Svetlana, 2024.01.29
Thank you for the excellent work, fresh flowers, and all on time!
Igor, 2024.01.28
On March 8, the flowers were delivered on time, regardless of the load. I use the services of the company is not the first time. There are no comments on the work of the staff yet. Recommend! Reasonable prices and excellent service. Fresh flowers!
Igor, 2024.01.27
Guys, thank you very much! Congratulations on your birthday beloved from Moscow! A lot of emotions. Thank you, your new regular customer!
Victoria, 2024.01.26
Thank you for the joy and good mood, the order was made perfectly, the bouquet, exceeded all expectations. Prosperity to you! :)
Arsen, 2024.01.25
Placed an order on March 7, brought in the specified time interval. A bunch of fresh, good. Satisfied with the service
Kristina, 2024.01.24
Thank you very much !!! But unfortunately I didn’t receive a photo either
Maxim, 2024.01.23
Everything was great! Thank you very much!!!
Ira, 2024.01.22
Mom was delighted !!!! Thank you for the super service !!!
Ivan, 2024.01.21
Thanks. Everything is super. prosperity to you!
Sergey, 2024.01.20
Thank you! I will write off the absence of the photograph of the recipient to a high number of orders on March 8th ;-)
Sam, 2024.01.19
Well done guys !!! Thank you for your professionalism! Ordered from another city and did everything at its best !!!
Maria, 2024.01.18
Thank you very much, delivered on time and exactly the same as in the picture. Ordered a bouquet from another continent, the service is top notch. It is a pleasure to work with you!
Vitaly, 2024.01.17
Thanks guys! Mom was happy and of course did not expect to be given a gift to the hospital (they ordered a bunch of balloons for a speedy recovery :) Delivered promptly and efficiently, I am glad and 100% recommend your services.
Elena, 2024.01.16
Order from 02.03. 2018 Thanks a lot for the guys for the help and promptness (ordered from Kiev), I liked the bouquet (a separate huge thanks to the florist!) The holiday was successful !!! :) :) :) Well done!
Alexandra, 2024.01.15
Ordered a bunch of flowers from another country, from Russia, delivered fast. Thank you)