Valentine's Day Worldwide: Traditions and Customs

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05 February

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic and eagerly anticipated holidays around the world. Every February 14th, lovers in different corners of the planet celebrate their love and care for each other. But how exactly is this holiday celebrated in different countries? Let's dive into the world of Valentine's Day traditions and customs around the globe.

1. United States

Valentine's Day is extremely popular in the United States. On this day, people exchange valentines - small cards with messages of love. The practice of giving flowers and gifts like chocolates and stuffed toys is also widespread. Many restaurants and cafes offer special menus for couples, and candlelit evenings create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Ukraine

Ukraine celebrates Valentine's Day with special enthusiasm. Gifts, flowers, and valentines are all part of the festive atmosphere. Traditionally, Ukrainians give each other red roses, which are considered a symbol of love. Sending anonymous valentines to increase intrigue and mystery on this day is also common. Restaurants and cafes offer special romantic menus for couples, and in the evening, the streets of Ukrainian cities come alive with glowing hearts and decorations.

3. Poland

In Poland, Valentine's Day, or "Walentynki," is also celebrated with enthusiasm. Polish couples exchange gifts, including flowers, candies, and small presents. One of the traditional customs is to hang locks with the initials of lovers on bridges and fences as a symbol of commitment and love. Romantic dinners and evening strolls are also popular on this day.

4. France

French people are known for their romance, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Paris, the capital of love, becomes especially beautiful on this day. In the evening, couples go for dinner in cozy restaurants and take walks along the banks of the Seine River. Another tradition is attaching a padlock to the "Love Bridge" in Paris as a symbol of eternal love.

5. Italy

Italy, another country with a romantic reputation, celebrates Valentine's Day with passion. On this day, couples exchange gifts, including red roses and chocolates. A traditional restaurant dinner is considered a festive event, and the evening often ends with a moonlit walk.

6. Turkey

In Turkey, Valentine's Day, known as "Sevgililer Günü," is also a day of love and romance. This holiday is popular among young couples who exchange gifts and express their feelings.

However, Turkey has an interesting tradition that distinguishes this holiday. On this day, couples attach their names to locks and chains, then fasten them to popular bridges and other public places. This symbolizes a strong and reliable bond between two people. These "love locks" remain in place as a sign of eternal attachment.

7. Lithuania

In Lithuania, Valentine's Day, or "Valentino Diena," is also celebrated with special attention to romance. Lithuanians, like in other countries, exchange gifts, flowers, and valentines. Red roses are particularly popular, symbolizing love and passion.

However, Lithuania has an interesting tradition called "sakotis." Sakotis is a traditional Lithuanian festive treat resembling a cake. On Valentine's Day, Lithuanians decorate sakotis in the shape of hearts and other romantic symbols. This treat is often served as a sweet gift or dessert on this day.

8. Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, Valentine's Day, or "Ден на влюбените," is also a day of love and romance. Couples exchange gifts, including flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. Red roses are considered a symbol of passion and are frequently used as gifts.

Traditionally, Bulgarian lovers go for romantic dinners in restaurants and cafes to celebrate this day together. Evening strolls and visits to cinemas or theaters are also popular.


Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and romance that is celebrated differently in various countries. Regardless of the traditions and customs, this day reminds us of the importance of love and caring for our loved ones. It's important to remember that the most valuable gift on this day is sincere feelings and attention to our loved ones.

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