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Delivery flowers Diyarbakir

Delivery flowers Diyarbakir

Questions about flower delivery, order processing, and payment methods

How to choose a flower shop in Diyarbakir?
A user can order and pay for flowers delivery directly on our website. To place an order, you need to choose the receiver's city using the filter. Felicita delivery service operates in over 3000 cities and towns. Once the order is placed, the database specialist selects a suitable flower shop. The delivery of the bouquet to the customer is done by the chosen store in a matter of hours.
Can I order flower delivery to any location in the region?
Yes, our company delivers flowers to the countryside as well. Please, find out the precise cost of such order in the online chat with your assigned consultant. Yes, countryside delivery is available. Check the delivery price with the manager in the online chat.
How is the bouquet delivered at 1111?Diyarbakir?
The customer receives the bouquet directly from the chosen store through a courier. Thanks to a large flower shop database, we can do our best to ensure that the order is completed the same day it has been placed. When placing an order, one can see estimated delivery time.
What are Felicita service’s pricing policy and available payment methods?
The order price depends on the flowers ordered by the buyer. In most cases, the price is displayed on the item card for one unit. Payment is processed using bank cards, or through the PayPal payment system.
How is the order placed?
To place an order for delivery, Felicita’s client needs to form a bouquet and click on the "Place an order" button. The next step is to fill in personal data about the customer and the bouquet’s recipient. At this stage, one also specifies payment system details. When the order is paid successfully, the courier sends the bouquet at the time and to an address specified by the client.
How does a customer know that the bouquet was delivered successfully?
After the courier completes the delivery, our service’s client receives an email.
What delivery methods are available?
All bouquets are delivered by couriers assigned to the shops that make the bouquets.
Is it possible to deliver a bouquet the same day the order is placed?
Yes, but it all depends directly on the order time. The buyer needs to familiarize himself with the working hours of the chosen store. If a flower delivery request arrives a few hours before the store closes, the bouquet will be delivered on the next day.
Are fresh flowers guaranteed?
Our service has selected only the most reliable stores. The bouquet is formed a few minutes before being received by the courier. Consequently, we provide the highest flower quality. We also have customer reviews available, allowing you to form your own opinion about the chosen store.
Is it possible to send a bouquet without specifying the customer's personal data?
If you want to remain anonymous, you need to mention this additionally when placing the order. In this case even if the recipient asks the sender’s name, the courier has no right to disclose such information, in accordance with applicable data protection law. This means that if the postcard isn’t signed, the bouquet is transferred absolutely anonymously.
What if the delivered bouquet doesn’t look like the one on the picture?
It can happen that a florist does not have necessary flowers to make a bouquet. In this case, he can make adjustments to the order, having consulted with the customer in advance. The cost remains equal to the one specified when the order is placed.
Can the customer make additional changes to the product?
Variations like this are popular for flower bouquets and are not a big problem. Additional preferences can be left in the “Comments for the florist” box when placing an order. The chosen store’s florist will try to fulfill the order as accurately as possible.
What if there is no access to your personal account?
Sometimes customers have an issue with logging into the created account. This problem usually has to do with incorrect data entry. Email is used as the name, and the password must be filled in by the customer. If you change your email, you need to contact the support team.


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