The policy of quality

This policy of quality is an integral part of Public Agreement.

1. Our Company guarantees the highest quality of service.

2. The policy of quality on components of the order:

2.1.1. The Company guarantees delivered flowers staying fresh within 3 days since its delivery in case of proper care.

2.1.2 In case when wanted bouquet or composition of flowers or its separate component is absent (for some reason, season, for example) it can be replaced by similar with the same price and characteristics according to the policy of replacement.

2.1.3 The Company does not guarantee an absolute identity of flowers composition as at the image presented on the web-site; the Company guarantees the maximum similarity of flowers composition delivered with the one presented at the image.

2.2.1. Fruit baskets may look different than on the picture (color, shape of the basket; type, shape, thickness and location of a handle; color, material of a basket; pattern of wicker, air gaps between wickers; height of a handle, its location relatively to the horizontal axis of the basket, arrangement of fruits and other items in the basket).

2.2.2 As the fruits are not artificial objects, sometimes they can contain small black spots, which is natural and normal.

2.2.3. Seasonal fruits may be in a lack during different seasons. We replace the non-available fruits by others, in accordance with a policy of replacement.

2.3. Company does not guarantee the availability of candies, cakes and other sweets in the specific region on the day of delivery. In case of a lack of chosen sweets or cakes, we do replace them by alike ones in accordance with a policy of replacement.

2.4. The Company guarantees to all the presents (except for flowers) a valid appropriate expiration date as it is indicated on the pack (from manufacturer).

2.5.1. The Company does not guarantee the identity of toys delivered as they are presented at the images on the web-site. In different regions colour and the look of toys can be different of those presented at the images.

2.5.2. Some toys may be non-available in different regions. We do replacements according to the policy of replacement.

2.6. Postcards may differ from region to region. Postcard may be branded (with a company logo) and standard (with printed images, congratulations). We print or hand-write the customer’s text in the postcard.

2.7. Any size presented on the web-site is approximate. The +/- 5-15% error is allowable. The length of the seating-toy is measured in a sitting position 

2.8. The Company declines all the responsibility for poor producing of presents (chocolate candies, toys, etc, except for flowers). In this case the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of produced products.

2.9. To save the freshness of flowers, we compose the bouquets or flower compositions only after the delivery time is arranged with a receiver in orders with a chosen option “call the receiver before the delivery”. All the calls are made in operating time of the company on the day of delivery.

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