Terms & Conditions

1. The moment of concluding this Agreement is considered the moment when the Customer confirms in the field "Please confirm that you have read and agree that your order will be executed in accordance with the terms of service of the company" in the order form. The actual consumption of the Company's services by the Customer also serves as evidence of the Customer's acceptance of the terms of this public Agreement.

Order Acceptance

2.1. Orders are accepted through the Felicita-flowers website or through any other means of communication provided on the website. All information (prices, assortment, etc.) is up-to-date and constantly maintained as such.

2.2. An order is considered correctly and fully completed if the Customer has provided complete information about the Recipient of the order and correctly entered the Customer's contact information (i.e., all required fields have been filled out when placing the order).

2.3. A correctly and fully completed Customer order is processed, executed, and delivered only after receiving 100% prepayment from the Customer for the cost of such order.

2.3.1. In the event that full prepayment has not been made for a given order within 3 hours before the delivery time, the order is subject to cancellation or rescheduling for another time by agreement with the Customer. If in this case the Company was unable to contact the Customer in the absence of Company fault (equally inaction), the order is subject to cancellation without agreement with the Customer. In the case of receiving only partial payment, the execution of the order is suspended until full payment for the order is received.

2.3.2. If the situation for the Customer has arisen in such a way that they cannot or for some reason cannot make a prepayment, the possibility and procedure for executing the order are discussed with the manager individually.

2.4. The presence of the recipient's contact phone number is a mandatory condition for the acceptance, processing, and execution of the order. A Company representative will contact the recipient only in cases of extreme necessity (if the opposite has not been indicated in the order form by the Customer).

2.5. Live flowers must necessarily be included in the composition of the order. Orders that do not include floral products (fresh and potted flowers) are not accepted, and erroneously accepted orders are subject to cancellation (with a refund if the order was paid for). In certain cases, the execution of orders that do not include floral products is possible only after prior agreement with the manager.

2.6. An order with the status "paid" is considered fully completed and ready for execution.

Order Processing

3.1. Each order is assigned a certain status, indicating at which stage of processing or execution the order is at the moment.

3.2. Order statuses change during operational hours. For example, if the delivery time of the order is 21:00 on October 21, 2020, the status of the order can be clarified by the Customer on October 22, 2020, from 8:00. Due to high workload, order statuses on February 14 and March 8 change within 48 hours from the established date of execution.

3.3. The actual assembly of the order is carried out several hours before the specified delivery time if the order has been fully completed, paid, and accepted for processing (see section 2.6).

3.4. The Customer can change any informational part of the order until the order is prepared (see section 3.3), in agreement with the Company. Changes to the order are considered agreed upon after written confirmation from the Company.

3.5. Execution of the order may be suspended if the Customer has provided incomplete, incorrect, or inaccurate information about the Recipient. The order will be processed after reconfirmation of this data during the operational hours of the company.

Order Fulfillment/Delivery

4.1. Flower and gift delivery is available across the territory of Ukraine.

4.2. Flower delivery is made to any location specified by the Customer: to the home, restaurant, café, hospital, etc.

4.3. Flower delivery is carried out within time intervals (see section 4.4) from 08:00 to 20:00, every day.

4.4. Orders are delivered within time intervals. The minimum interval duration is 1 hour. A flower delivery order can be fulfilled no earlier than 3 hours after the complete order submission. "Same-day" orders are accepted only during operating hours.

4.5. If the Recipient is not present at the specified time of delivery, the courier may hand over the order to relatives or neighbors (friends, acquaintances living nearby, etc.) for further delivery to the Recipient.

4.6. In case the courier finds that the provided address details by the Customer are false (incorrect house or apartment number, street, if the Recipient does not reside or no longer resides at the provided address), the order is considered to be correctly and completely fulfilled. It is possible to deliver the order to a new address in the same city for an additional fee. If the Customer refuses the delivery to the new address, the payment for the order will not be refunded.

4.7. The Company reserves the right to contact the recipient in case of extreme necessity.

If the order was not fully or partially fulfilled due to the Company's fault, the Customer has the right to demand compensation or have the order fulfilled at the nearest possible time, as agreed with the Customer. The compensation amount cannot exceed the order value.

The Company disclaims responsibility for potential direct or indirect harm/damage (including moral) that may arise as a result of fulfilling the Customer's order (allergies to flowers or food items (if included in the order) by the Recipient, disputes between the Customer and the Recipient due to the order or its specifics, etc.).

The Company is not liable to the Customer (payer) if the payment service through which the Customer pays for the order violates the contract terms or imposes additional fees.

The Agreement between the Customer and the Company remains in effect from its conclusion until the service is fulfilled. The moment of service fulfillment is considered to be the moment of delivering the ordered goods to the Recipient.

In its operations, the Company adheres to the Return Policy, Privacy Policy, and Quality Policy, which are integral parts of this Agreement.

The Company reserves the right to change any information posted on the website without prior notice, which comes into effect upon its publication on the corresponding website page.

In order to go to the store and view the product catalog, select the city to which delivery is needed from the list of available ones.