Replacement policy

This policy of replacement is an integral part of the Public Agreement.

Due to different seasons, some products can not be available at a certain time period. These types of products can be replaced by the most similar in quality characteristics of all existing at the certain time.

1. The Company undertakes to implement this policy of replacement just in exceptional cases.

2. Replacement of any component of the order is being made without any additional payments for Customer.

3. The Policy of flowers replacement:

3.1. When the company makes any changes in the floral composition, the highest aims is to preserve color for composition.

3.2. The quantity of replaced components equals the quantity of original ones. Making such a replacement the Company pays attention to the price of these components. If it is impossible to make an equal replacement, the change is being made to the Customer .

3.3. The compositions of flowers (bouquets, baskets and others) what containing several kinds of flowers and floral accessories (packaging, decoration and other), ornamental foliage, replaced without the consent of the customer.

3.4. The Company shall notify the customer about the change of flowers (in a manner specified by the Customer in the order form) in the compositions containing one type of flower, except for the days of mass demand for flowers (it's 13th-15th of February and 7th-9th of March). If in the near future, the Company hasn't received a response from the Customer, the replacement is carried out without the consent of the Client.

4. The policy of replacement of non-floral products:

4.1. The replacement of non-floral products can be made without customer’s approval.

4.2. If there are no requested kinds of candies or cakes at the time of delivery, they can be replaced by other with similar quality characteristics.

4.3. If there are no requested components of fruit baskets at the time of delivery, they can be replaced by other with similar quality characteristics. The Company retains the right to change the look of wicker baskets (color, shape, handle, etc).

4.4. Toy may look different (color, shape) than on the picture. In case of lack of a necessary toy at the moment of ordering it could be replaced by any alike one.

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