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Questions and answers

How to place an order on the website in Odessa?
To place an order on the Felicita website, follow these steps: choose the product you're interested in, click "Add to Cart." Proceed to the checkout process, enter your delivery details, and select the payment method. Click "Confirm Order" and wait for the order confirmation with delivery details. After confirmation, await the delivery to the specified address.
How long does delivery take in Odessa?
Delivery time can vary from 2-3 hours, depending on your location, the chosen time slot, and the workload (if it's during holidays). Express delivery is subject to a different rate
Is delivery to the region possible Odessa?

Yes, our service delivers to the region. To inquire about the possibility of delivery and its cost to your locality, please contact our manager

How to check the order status?

You can check the status of your order in your personal account on the website. Additionally, you will receive notifications about the order status to the email address you provided during the order placement. You can also contact our manager and inquire about the order status using the order number

Is same-day delivery possible?

Yes, we can deliver your order on the same day during our business hours. You can select this option when placing your order, and your order will be delivered on the same day. If the order is placed 1-2 hours before the end of the business day, you should check with our manager for the possibility of same-day delivery

Is it possible to deliver without the recipient's phone number?
For a more successful delivery of the bouquet, it's better to provide the recipient's phone number, but in some cases, delivery is also possible without it. Try to provide the manager with as much other information about the recipient as possible so that the courier can easily locate them and deliver your order to the right person

Felicita: Flowers in Odessa!

Odessa is a city with a unique atmosphere, where every street and house breathes history. In such a place, it's important for even delicate services like flower delivery to be executed flawlessly.

We understand how crucial it is for the bouquets ordered in Odessa to not only be fresh and beautiful, but also to capture the spirit of this amazing city. That's precisely why we approach assortment formation and professional selection so meticulously.

Odessa Flair in Every Bouquet: Why Felicita Becomes the Number One Choice

Odessa is a city of contrasts. Cultures, traditions, and styles intertwine here. It's this mix that inspires our florists to create unique compositions that reflect the soul of Odessa.

Every bouquet from Felicita is not just an assortment of flowers; it's a story told through the language of floristry. Drawing inspiration from the port, the sound of the sea, Deribasovskaya Street, or the aroma of Odessa's coffeehouses, our artisans craft compositions that convey the mood of this remarkable place.

Additionally, exclusively for residents and visitors of Odessa, we've developed special collections that take into account the local climate and preferences. These bouquets not only look splendid, but also withstand the southern sun and sea air, delighting with their vibrant colors for as long as possible.

Variety of Choices: A Floral Assortment Under the Southern Sun

Odessa, with its unique microclimate, offers opportunities for diverse plant species to thrive. This allows Felicita to offer a wide range of flowers that are suitable for creating a variety of compositions — from traditional to exotic.

In our assortment, you can find everything: from majestic roses to fragrant peonies, from vibrant gerberas to enigmatic orchids. We also regularly update our collections, keeping an eye on global floral trends and listening to customer preferences. This enables us to provide the latest novelties and rare flower species that can amaze even the most discerning connoisseurs.

In Harmony with the City: Delivery Features in Odessa

Delivering flowers in a large and vibrant city like Odessa requires a special approach. Felicita possesses a deep understanding of all the nuances of city life, allowing us to guarantee timely and careful delivery.

Local Knowledge: Our couriers know the city excellently, enabling them to quickly and seamlessly deliver your order, even to the most remote and challenging areas of Odessa.

Adaptation to Conditions: Odessa is known for its dense traffic flow, especially during peak hours. However, through thoughtful logistics and constant communication with couriers, we optimize routes to ensure punctual delivery.

Specialized Transport: Our vehicles are equipped with specialized climate control systems that maintain optimal temperature and humidity inside. This ensures that flowers are delivered in perfect condition, even on hot summer days.

Personalized Approach: If you have special requests or delivery instructions, our couriers are ready to accommodate them. We value each customer and strive to provide the best service.

Taking care of every bouquet: how we keep flowers fresh in maritime climates

Odessa, with its mild maritime climate, can present certain challenges for preserving flower freshness, especially in the summer. High humidity and salty air can shorten the lifespan of a bouquet. However, thanks to our professional approach, Felicita ensures the long-lasting freshness and beauty of each bouquet.

Special Equipment: All our flowers are stored in special refrigerators with humidity and temperature control. This helps preserve their freshness and prevent premature wilting.

Swift Turnaround: We regularly update our assortment, ensuring that you receive only the freshest and finest flowers.

Adaptation to Conditions: Working with local suppliers, we choose flowers that are best suited for the maritime climate, taking seasonal features into account.

Care Tips: Upon purchase, we provide recommendations for flower care to ensure they continue to delight you for as long as possible.

Fast, Convenient, Safe: Advantages of Online Ordering with Felicita in Odessa

In the modern world, the ability to quickly and easily order a service or product becomes increasingly relevant, and flower delivery is no exception. Placing an order through Felicita's website in Odessa is convenient, fast, and secure.

1. Speed: A few clicks, and your order is already in the process of preparation. No need to call numerous stores or search for a suitable bouquet at the market.

2. Convenience: Selecting and ordering flowers can be done at any time convenient for you, whether it's early morning or late evening. Our website catalog provides detailed descriptions and photos of each bouquet.

3. Security: We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data and payment security through modern encryption methods.

4. Flexibility: The ability to choose the date and time of delivery, as well as additional options such as greeting cards or chocolates in the package.

By choosing Felicita, you not only receive a high-quality product but also become part of our big family, where customer care is not just words, but a work philosophy.


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