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Questions and answers

How to place an order on the website in Sofia?
To place an order on the Felicita website, follow these steps: choose the product you're interested in, click "Add to Cart." Proceed to the checkout process, enter your delivery details, and select the payment method. Click "Confirm Order" and wait for the order confirmation with delivery details. After confirmation, await the delivery to the specified address.
How long does delivery take in Sofia?
Delivery time can vary from 2-3 hours, depending on your location, the chosen time slot, and the workload (if it's during holidays). Express delivery is subject to a different rate
Is delivery to the region possible Sofia?

Yes, our service delivers to the region. To inquire about the possibility of delivery and its cost to your locality, please contact our manager

How to check the order status?

You can check the status of your order in your personal account on the website. Additionally, you will receive notifications about the order status to the email address you provided during the order placement. You can also contact our manager and inquire about the order status using the order number

Is same-day delivery possible?

Yes, we can deliver your order on the same day during our business hours. You can select this option when placing your order, and your order will be delivered on the same day. If the order is placed 1-2 hours before the end of the business day, you should check with our manager for the possibility of same-day delivery

Is it possible to deliver without the recipient's phone number?
For a more successful delivery of the bouquet, it's better to provide the recipient's phone number, but in some cases, delivery is also possible without it. Try to provide the manager with as much other information about the recipient as possible so that the courier can easily locate them and deliver your order to the right person

Flower Delivery by Felicita in Sofia

In the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, where the collision of cultures and times creates a unique atmosphere, Sofia attracts thousands of visitors with its beauty and hospitality. Felicita proudly offers its services in this magnificent city, providing fresh and beautiful flowers for all occasions in life.

Flower Collections: A wide range of flowers and gifts for them

Flowers speak the universal language of beauty, emotions, and care. They become messengers of our feelings, conveying joy, love, gratitude, or sympathy. At Felicita, we deeply understand this language and offer you a wide range of flower collections, each designed with a specific thought and emotion.

Variety of choices. Thanks to a carefully selected network of suppliers and direct connections with farmers, we can offer you a wide selection of flowers: from classic roses and lilies to exotic orchids and proteas. Our florists regularly update the assortment, taking into account seasonal trends and customer preferences.

Gifts with flowers. To make your bouquet even more special, we offer various additions to your order. It could be an elegant box of chocolates, a soft teddy bear, balloons, or a bottle of exquisite wine. Such a gift will add a bright accent and complement your floral message.

Personalized collections. For special occasions or individual preferences, our florists are ready to create exclusive bouquets. It could be a composition in a specific color palette, a thematic bouquet for a celebration, or something truly unique that reflects the recipient's personality.

Professionalism in our delivery

At Felicita, we understand that each bouquet is not just flowers. It's a message, emotions, memories. Therefore, our team of couriers possesses a high level of professionalism to deliver your floral message on time and in perfect condition.

Thorough preparation. Before setting out on the journey, our couriers check the condition of each bouquet, ensuring its freshness and compliance with the order. Each bouquet is packaged in a way to protect it from external influences during transportation.

Precision in timing. We understand how important it is for your bouquet to be delivered on time, especially when it comes to special events or dates. Our team always strives for maximum punctuality.

Customer contact. Upon the customer's request, the courier can contact you or the recipient directly before delivery to clarify details or address.

Online ordering: Your personal florist in Sofia

The modern world sets its rules, and we understand the importance of being able to quickly and conveniently order a bouquet without leaving your home or office.

Intuitive interface. Our website features a simple and understandable catalog where each bouquet is accompanied by a photo and description. The ordering process takes only a few minutes.

Online consultations. If you have questions or can't decide on a choice, our florists are always online to provide you with professional advice and help with your selection.

Secure payments. The security of your data is important to us. Therefore, we use only verified and reliable payment systems. Your order and payment are processed quickly and securely.

Order tracking. After placing an order, you have the opportunity to track its status online, providing you with additional peace of mind.

Felicita Guarantees: Our promises to the residents of Sofia

Every order at Felicita is not just a business transaction; it's trust that you give us and a commitment that we accept before you.

Freshness comes first. We guarantee that every bouquet or composition you order will be fresh and of high quality. Our florists work only with proven and reliable suppliers who maintain a high standard of quality.

Precision in execution. Your order will exactly match what you selected on the website or discussed with our consultant. We pay special attention to details to meet your expectations.

Punctual delivery. We understand how important it is for your gift to be delivered on time. Whether it's an anniversary, wedding, or just a spontaneous gesture of goodwill, we promise to deliver your order exactly on schedule.

Customer support. If you have questions or issues, our support team is always ready to help. Our goal is the satisfaction of every customer, and we do everything possible to make your collaboration with us enjoyable.

Felicita in Sofia - Floral inspiration in the heart of the Balkans

Sofia is a city with a rich history, culture, and traditions. It's a place where modernity intertwines with antiquity, creating a unique atmosphere. Felicita in Sofia embodies this harmony in every bouquet.

We respect traditions but also seek new trends in floristry. Thanks to this, each bouquet becomes a unique work of art that reflects both age-old traditions and modern trends.


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