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Questions and answers

How to place an order on the website in Barcelona?
To place an order on the Felicita website, follow these steps: choose the product you're interested in, click "Add to Cart." Proceed to the checkout process, enter your delivery details, and select the payment method. Click "Confirm Order" and wait for the order confirmation with delivery details. After confirmation, await the delivery to the specified address.
How long does delivery take in Barcelona?
Delivery time can vary from 2-3 hours, depending on your location, the chosen time slot, and the workload (if it's during holidays). Express delivery is subject to a different rate
Is delivery to the region possible Barcelona?

Yes, our service delivers to the region. To inquire about the possibility of delivery and its cost to your locality, please contact our manager

How to check the order status?

You can check the status of your order in your personal account on the website. Additionally, you will receive notifications about the order status to the email address you provided during the order placement. You can also contact our manager and inquire about the order status using the order number

Is same-day delivery possible?

Yes, we can deliver your order on the same day during our business hours. You can select this option when placing your order, and your order will be delivered on the same day. If the order is placed 1-2 hours before the end of the business day, you should check with our manager for the possibility of same-day delivery

Is it possible to deliver without the recipient's phone number?
For a more successful delivery of the bouquet, it's better to provide the recipient's phone number, but in some cases, delivery is also possible without it. Try to provide the manager with as much other information about the recipient as possible so that the courier can easily locate them and deliver your order to the right person

Flower Delivery by Felicita in Barcelona

Barcelona, with its narrow streets, historical landmarks, and vibrant cultural spirit, has always been a city of passion and romance. Felicita proudly bridges the gap between this passion and people's desire to express their emotions through flowers. Offering fast, reliable, and professional flower delivery throughout the city, we emphasize a unique experience that captures the essence of Barcelona.

Barcelona and Felicita: City's Essence in Every Bouquet

Barcelona is a city radiating passion, creativity, and cultural diversity. From modern architecture to the narrow alleys of the old town, every corner inspires. With pride, Felicita offers flower delivery service in Barcelona, highlighting the city's individuality and reflecting it in our bouquets.

Wide Range of Flowers: Architecture-Inspired Unique Compositions

Barcelona's architecture, particularly the works of the famous Antoni Gaudí, serves as inspiration for our florists. From the Sagrada Familia to Park Güell, geometric shapes, intricate patterns, and the play of colors find their reflection in our bouquets. This allows us to create compositions that are not only beautiful but also capture the enchanting atmosphere of the city.

Customers can choose from various bouquets crafted with consideration for seasonality and current floral trends, each unique in its own way and capable of conveying a specific mood or emotion.

Delivery Process: Our Professional Couriers

Delivering flowers in a city as large and bustling as Barcelona can be a true challenge, especially considering its narrow streets and intense traffic. Our couriers are experts in their field. They are familiar with the city, enabling them to swiftly and carefully deliver bouquets while avoiding delays.

Each order is handled individually: bouquets are meticulously packaged to maintain their freshness and appearance. Felicita's couriers are equipped with modern navigation tools and are always in touch, allowing customers to track the delivery process in real time.

We understand that sometimes flowers are needed as quickly as possible – whether it's for a wedding, birthday, or another important event. That's why we offer express delivery services to ensure your feelings are conveyed on time.

Preserving Flowers in the Mediterranean Climate

Barcelona's Mediterranean climate features hot summers and mild, humid winters. While this is ideal for many plants, special measures are required to preserve the freshness of cut flowers.

Specialized Containers: For transporting and storing flowers, we use containers with adjustable humidity and temperature. This prevents excessive wilting and preserves the brightness of petals.

Swift Processing: As soon as the flowers reach us, they are carefully inspected, trimmed, and placed in water to minimize stress and maintain their freshness.

Online Ordering in Barcelona: Flower Palette at Your Service

In today's world, where speed and convenience take the forefront, our Felicita flower service in Barcelona strives to provide customers with not only top-notch service but also the most comfortable conditions for selecting and ordering bouquets.

1. Intuitive Interface: Our website is designed to make it easy for even those less tech-savvy to find and order their desired bouquet. Simple and clear navigation, along with explicit instructions and tips, will guide you through every step.

2. Extensive Palette: Drawing inspiration from Barcelona's beauty, we've created a vast flower palette where everyone can find the perfect bouquet for any occasion, from romantic dates to corporate events.

3. Personalization: Each order can be tailored to individual preferences. Add a card, chocolates, or a soft toy to make your gift even more special.

4. Preview: Before confirming the order, you can see what your bouquet will look like thanks to high-resolution photos and 3D visualizations.

5. Secure Payments: Your data security is important to us. We use secure payment systems and data encryption to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

6. Reviews and Ratings: You can read reviews from other customers and choose the most popular bouquets, making your choice even more informed.

Felicita Guarantees: Trust and Impeccable Service for Barcelona Residents

We understand how important the trust of our customers is. That's why each order is handled with special care. Our bouquets are composed only of fresh and high-quality flowers, and the delivery process is highly optimized to meet all customer needs.

Felicita in Barcelona – Your Best Moments Surrounded by Unparalleled Beauty

Barcelona is a city that lives to the rhythm of passion, genuine feelings, and eternal romance. Felicita is proudly a part of this atmosphere, adding notes of floral sophistication to it. We help make special moments even more memorable, enveloping them in the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers. Your pleasure and joy are our main reward, and we strive to do everything possible to bring happiness and warmth to people's hearts with every order.


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