What flowers to choose for an autumn bouquet?

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07 october

Leafy melodies in floral compositions

Autumn is a magical time when nature is dressed in bright and warm shades. The art of floristry allows you to transfer this palette into exquisite bouquets that will delight the eye and remind of the wonders of this time of year. Together with Felicita, let's dive into the world of fall colors, discovering which of them will become bright accents in your bouquet.

Fall Queens: Chrysanthemums and Asters

Chrysanthemums, which bloom in the heart of autumn, offer florists a wealth of colors that range from delicate pinks and pastel shades to deep, rich tones of burgundy and brown. Characterized by a wide variety of shapes and sizes, chrysanthemums can add both opulence and exquisite delicacy to your bouquet.

Asters, on the other hand, surprise with their shape and structure. The miniature "stars" of this flower personify autumn with their versatility and bright colors, reminding us of the last moments of warmth before the onset of winter. They complement bouquets, giving them lightness and freshness.

By combining chrysanthemums and asters in one bouquet, you will get an exquisite gift that will shine with all the shades of fall, satisfying even the most refined tastes.

Warmth and sophistication: Roses and Calla lilies

Roses, being a classic and timeless choice, enrich fall bouquets with their variety of hues. The burgundy, coral and chocolate tones of roses can convey a warm and cozy mood, which is so appreciated during cold days. Combining white and cream roses with bright autumn leaves or other seasonal colors can create a contrast that will make your bouquet stand out from the rest.

Calla lilies, with their elegant lines and soft curves, complement the bouquet, bringing a modern and stylish element to it. White calla lilies are a symbol of purity and elegance, while calla lilies in darker shades - burgundy, purple or even black - can add mystery and depth to a bouquet.

Combining roses and calla lilies in autumn compositions will not only make your bouquet stand out from the crowd, but also convey the unique atmosphere of autumn, when the beauty of nature is expressed through an amazing variety of shapes and shades.

Berry extravaganza: Hypericum and Kalina

Hypericum is not just a decorative element of the bouquet, it is an incredibly spectacular accent that brings a touch of wild nature and coziness to the composition at the same time. Red hypericum berries can be both a bright spot in the bouquet and an exquisite background element that enhances the beauty of the main flowers.

Kalina not only looks great in a bouquet, but is also a symbol of strength of spirit and protection from evil spirits in Slavic culture. Kalin berries add brightness and national color to autumn compositions, filling them with traditional beauty and deep meaning.

The combination of hypericum and kalina in one bouquet will create a unique atmosphere of festivity and coziness, bringing warm red and burgundy shades to the autumn days.

Lushness and Variety: Carnation and Gerbera

Carnation is a flower with a rich palette of hues and exquisite fragrance that can add both opulence and delicacy to a bouquet. Carnations not only decorate the composition, but also make it more persistent and fragrant. Especially popular in fall bouquets are carnations of terracotta, brown and red shades.

Gerbera, thanks to its large and bright inflorescences, is a real sun in the bouquet. A flower that knows how to lift the mood and bring joy. Gerberas, presented in different colors, are suitable for creating both saturated and pastel autumn compositions.

Combining carnations and gerberas in a bouquet, you will get a real explosion of colors and shapes, which is sure to attract attention and become a wonderful gift. This composition represents energy, optimism and joy, which are so important in the autumn period.

Completing the composition: Additional elements

Creating an autumn bouquet is not only the choice of colorful flowers, but also the ability to correctly complement them with a variety of elements, so that each composition was unique and expressive.

Leaves and branches are used to create volume and an autumn mood. Use maple or oak leaves to give the composition bright and saturated shades.

Berries will emphasize the seasonality of the bouquet, adding to its naturalness and coziness. Kalina or blueberries will become a colorful accent in your floral gift.

Decorative elements and packaging also play an important role. Ribbons, beads and natural materials in the packaging will emphasize the fall style of the bouquet and make your gift special.

Harmony of fall in every bouquet with Felicita

Reproducing autumnal color in floral arrangements is an art in which Felicita-flowers has excelled. We can help you choose the perfect floral combinations to make your bouquet not just beautiful, but filled with autumnal warmth and coziness. Let us help you to create wonderful bouquets that will transport you to the world of bright and rich autumn, even when the first frosts are outside.

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