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Victoria, 2024.04.13
Thank you so much that you are giving not only cool and incredibly beautiful flowers, but also pleasant emotions !!! I recommend to everyone !!
Galina Anatol'evna, 2024.04.12
Hello! The first time I used your service. Very pleased with their service. Thank you so much for the shipping. Thank you for giving a holiday!
Marina, 2024.04.11
Thank you so much for the shipping! I used your services. I really wanted to make a nice surprise for my aunt for my birthday. I was very pleased with the amazing service, punctual staff, excellent quality of flowers.
Oleg Petrovich, 2024.04.10
You are helping to give loved ones great joy beyond all boundaries and distances !! We are very grateful to you! Health, success and prosperity of your company.
Anton, 2024.04.09
Я замовив дружині квіти з відрядження, оплатив карткою, доставили все в свято, спасибі вам, дружина залишилася задоволена. Замовлю у вас ще!
Julia Grigor'evna, 2024.04.08
Insanely chic bouquets bring couriers, striking design and a variety of colors. This company employs talented florists, not once convinced of this. Our company has been cooperating with this organization for a year now, we arrange bouquets for our birthday cards, everything suits them, the conditions are favorable, the compositions are always fresh, beautiful and delivered clearly in time. Reliable company, decent and responsible in their work.
Arman, 2024.04.07
For corporate we ordered bouquets of flowers for the beautiful half of our team) Celebration was a success! Thank you!
Dmitry and Olga, 2024.04.06
Ordered already 2 times, delivered on time and the bouquets were beautifully packaged, with a note. Everything is on the level.
Maryna Nikolaevna, 2024.04.05
For the second time I order delivery of flowers to my mother for my birthday and I am very pleased! The photo corresponds to how the bouquet looks. Ordered a wonderful bouquet, mom delighted!
Sergey, 2024.04.04
Unfortunately, the flowers in the bouquet “For the most tender” were not quite fresh, and on the second day they wilted. I advise you to choose more fresh flowers. And it looks like the photo http://felicita-flowers.dp.ua/product/dlya_samoi_nezhnoi does not quite match, as in the description of "pink and cream shrub roses" (and in the bouquet were) and in the photo as for me it is white and cream .
Olga, 2024.04.03
I am on another continent, I ordered a bouquet yesterday to my mother in Dnipro. Today we have already delivered - fresh flowers, a bouquet as in the photo. The service is excellent - everything is done clearly and quickly. Thank you!
Valery, 2024.04.02
Thanks a lot! Order on time, everything as planned and turned out! And even better! I will be sure it is you who I to advise everyone!
Kate, 2024.04.01
Worked great! No complaints. The order was delivered at the exact time I was counting on. I recommend it to everyone! :)
Larisa Nikolaevna, 2024.03.31
Hello! The flowers were ordered on May 2 with delivery on the 18th., Everything was delivered on time, the flowers are fresh and smell. The bride was satisfied, she was very pleased. She refused to take pictures, but she made the photo herself and sent it to me. Thank you for the timely delivery. Service. Good luck and prosperity.
Victoria, 2024.03.30
Good day! I made an order for my mother. Thank you very much for the timely delivery. The cake is very tasty, the flowers are fresh, beautiful. Birthday girl really liked everything.
Nick, 2024.03.29
Dear employees of the company! You are doing a big deal. You bring joy, hope and kindness to ordinary people. Nowadays, this is an expensive product, but you do everything with dignity and from the heart. Thanks you. I use the services of the company not for the first time and I can only say one THANKS for the accurate execution of the order. Health to all and success in your noble cause. 05.18.2015 St. Petersburg, Nikolai.
Kostya, 2024.03.28
You guys are just wizards, everything is clear, fast, neat. Straight eye is happy for our employees, and leave behind a sea of untransmitteble sensations. Well done keep it up !!
Bryantcev Anton, 2024.03.27
Thank you very much to the store for help and surprise for a charming girl whose address I did not know). This service is a godsend! Well, about the beautiful flowers and the prices they can not write. Ordering once became your regular customer. Well done !!!
Marina, 2024.03.26
Service is just super! They brought everything on time, a bouquet - stunning! I ordered mom a birthday 101 roses. All guests were delighted with the bouquet! Thank!
Maria, 2024.03.25
Thank you for the cloud of balls !!! Reality exceeded expectations !!! The child is delighted !!! But the delivery was not made in time, which was negotiated with the operator after placing the order. When ordering the delivery time on the site, I would like the time interval to be not 4 hours between from and to, but at least 1 hour. The only spot in the work. But in general, thank you very much for such a miracle as a cloud of balls !!!
Helen, 2024.03.24
Very grateful for the delivery of flowers Mom's birthday present! A little worried ordered and paid a bouquet from Poland. Everything went great! Highly recommend!
Daria, 2024.03.23
Granny was delighted with the flowers !!! thank you very much
Ivan, 2024.03.22
Thank you for the service, my mother is delighted with the flowers.
Oleg, 2024.03.21
Thank you for the bouquet. Everything is perfect !!!
Artem, 2024.03.20
Thank. The order was completed at the agreed time. I liked the bouquet.
Anastacia, 2024.03.19
Very pleasant service, service at the highest level. I order the third time balls for discharge from the hospital, everyone is delighted. The following times - only you. Thanks
Ivan, 2024.03.18
Everything is as always super! Thank you
Irena, 2024.03.17
Thank! Worked on time and accurately. The gifted man was happy.
Denis, 2024.03.16
The bouquet brought very beautiful. It can be seen that the flowers are the freshest! All on time, everything I wanted. Polite courier. Price / quality match. Many thanks to your store. The girl was pleased)
Olga, 2024.03.15
I want to say thank you very much to the company for delivering a bouquet of 101 roses)))) They delivered it all on time promptly, fresh beautiful flowers)))) Thank you very much. Referring again and again) Have a nice work !!!!))))
Eugene, 2024.03.14
Delivered on time! Bouquet as in the photo! Balloons! Everyone is happy! THANK! :)
Ekaterinа, 2024.03.13
Pleasantly surprised by the delivery: on time, the flowers are the freshest, and very tasty sweets! Well done!
Svetlana, 2024.03.12
Great service! Delivered all on time! How good that you are and with your help you can make a gift to a person who is in another city! I will recommend and contact you again!
Ivan, 2024.03.11
Thank you guys for your work! Beautiful bouquet, delivery on time, service on top !! I advise everyone !!
Marina, 2024.03.10
Thank you very much for such an excellent opportunity to congratulate a loved one, being far away. Everything is wonderful, the flowers are fresh, beautiful. Service is at the highest level. Thank you very much! Good and helpful customers!))
Сyrill, 2024.03.09
I use the services of the company for the third time. Thanks for the fact that you can rely on and congratulate a friend living in Ukraine. Great choice, great service.
Maksim, 2024.03.08
Guys thank you so much! Surprise succeeded) all quickly and qualitatively) thank you for the work ^^
Paul, 2024.03.07
Thank you very much! Very beautiful bouquet corresponding to the photo on the site, the flowers are fresh !! very beautiful. Everything is super, thanks again!
Daria, 2024.03.06
Thank you very much!!! Quickly, quickly !!! And most importantly, we have the opportunity through you to give happiness to your loved ones, despite the distances !!! Good luck and prosperity !!!
Iryna, 2024.03.05
Thank you very much!! The bouquet is incredibly beautiful and delivered very quickly! Service on top! I recommend to everyone!