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Valentin, 2023.12.06
I express my sincere gratitude to your company for such a service as home delivery, very nice staff and fast service !!!
Olga, 2023.12.05
Many thanks for the great service! Together with the bouquet, they brought great joy to the recipient. The order was completed as quickly as possible! I wish you good luck and prosperity)))
Kateryna, 2023.12.04
Two orders in one day were executed very promptly. Thanks!
Victoria, 2023.12.03
Excellent service, chic bouquet !!! Thank you so much! I recommend, and will order more !!!!!
Maksim, 2023.12.02
Great service! flowers were delivered without problems, considering that there was only the phone number of the addressee, and still did the delivery of flowers with a surprise and delivered her personally in hands!
Bogdan, 2023.12.01
Thank you for the work done, ordered flowers on the site, immediately called back and everything was confirmed. It did not take long to wait, it turned out that flower delivery was fast. Thank you for your service!
Ekaterinа, 2023.11.30
Thank you for delivering flowers to her sister for her birthday. everything turned out so unexpectedly, a sea of delight and emotion! I liked the flowers and this is the most important thing!
Xenia, 2023.11.29
Liked everything very much. A beautiful bouquet, good and polite operators, and all on time and without delay. I will contact you!
Tatiana, 2023.11.28
Ordered 101 white roses. Recipients were delighted. I liked the bouquet very much. Well done, guys, keep up the good work and with the same prices!
Vladislav, 2023.11.27
Thank you very much))) Very quickly, beautifully and with all the wishes taken into account !!!
Svetlana, 2023.11.26
Thank! We are glad that we made the right choice. It's nice to work with people who know their business.
Victor, 2023.11.25
Thank! We are glad that we made the right choice. It's nice to work with people who know their business.
Irina, 2023.11.24
Thank you HUGЕ !!!! With your help, my mother received indescribable emotions on a festive morning !!!
Victoria, 2023.11.23
I ordered the delivery of flowers for my friend's birthday party, I am in France myself, everything was done super! She and I are very satisfied))) I accidentally discovered this site for myself - now I will use it in the next case)) Thanks to the team for the work =)
Anastacia, 2023.11.22
I ordered a bouquet and balls (01.02.2018), delivered a bouquet (fresh) and balls, and everything seems to be good! But, the courier gave the guests and they conveyed! If I had to give a bouquet from me to the guests, I would ask them about it and not use the services of this store!
Maria, 2023.11.21
Thank!!! I am delighted!!! I ordered my sister in the Dnieper a bouquet and balls, I liked everything very much.
Paul, 2023.11.20
Thank you very much! all very prompt and professional! order delivered on time! created a good mood! I will gladly use your service!
Lesya, 2023.11.19
Thanks to you it was possible to bring joy from a far distant good man. The fruit basket has succeeded. I saw it on the lights, which was recorded by the performers. Thank you. Succeeding for you in your case.
Lyudmila, 2023.11.18
I ordered flowers from another country, from Russia, from Moscow with delivery to the village in 35 km from Dnepropetrovsk. Delivered promptly. I was able to congratulate and surprise my mother and her guests. Thank you very much. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make a surprise to their relatives, friends, acquaintances.
Alexander, 2023.11.17
Thanks for the timely delivery !!! This time I am completely satisfied with you !!! Even the photo report was done !!! Good luck in your work and have more satisfied customers!
Alexander, 2023.11.16
Today, January 29, made an order. I was pleasantly surprised by such an operational service. I left the site because I have already made an order, but I also found clarification on the vibeer. Many thanks to your employee. Sorry did not know before. And all this despite the already late evening. Once again - THANK YOU! I wish you success and great mood!
Сhristina, 2023.11.15
Super))) thanks for your work. All in time, the bouquet is huge and fresh. Everything is super. Thank you for your work !!!
Sergey, 2023.11.14
Order in the Dnieper delivered on time. The birthday boy is very satisfied! Thank you very much. Good luck with your work !!!
Maria, 2023.11.13
Thank you very much for the shipping! I ordered a huge cloud of balloons to my friend for an anniversary - a surprise was a success!
Julia, 2023.11.12
Thank you so much for the efficiency, professionalism, individual approach and joy that you give to people !!! Now I will know about you and recommend everyone! :)
Sasha, 2023.11.11
You are the coolest! Everything was done quickly and efficiently) Thank you very much! We will order here more often!
Olga, 2023.11.10
Thanks a lot for your team for accurate order fulfillment! The surprise was a success, the niece was very pleased. Skype showed me a bouquet, it was gorgeous. I will recommend you to my friends.
Kirill, 2023.11.09
Birthday girl is happy! Thank you for the opportunity to make a surprise at a distance.
Svetlana, 2023.11.08
Thank you so much for the service and the great mood of the birthday guy :)
Artem, 2023.11.07
The order was completed fairly quickly. Honestly did not expect. The girl liked the flowers. Thank you for your work. Everything is super.
Vyacheslav, 2023.11.06
Not expected. Delivery was within an hour. Flowers are fresh, beautiful. Thank you. The first time my sister ordered flowers from you, it was also great. Well done.
Victoria, 2023.11.05
Thank you so much! The flowers are very good, the balloons are big) They were delivered instantly)) It is a pleasure to work with you and give people joy)
Anna, 2023.11.04
Thank you very much! The bouquet is beautiful, the flowers are fresh, the order is made on time.
Michael, 2023.11.03
Thank you. Everyone got very satisfied))))
Elisabeth, 2023.11.02
Thank you for the flowers! They stand for a week as good as new!
Alexandra, 2023.11.01
Thank you very much for being there !!! Really great company you can rely on and give your loved ones joy.
Daria, 2023.10.31
Thank you for such a quick job! The service is excellent, and there were no problems with the payment. Thank you !!!
Yuri, 2023.10.30
Decorated beautifully, quickly and accurately. Pleasantly surprised :)
Ilona, 2023.10.29
Thank you, friends, for the prompt delivery of the "cloud of happiness")) and the opportunity to give a holiday to relatives even from a distance !!! ))
Sveta, 2023.10.28
Well done guys! All done on time without any problems!