Landscape design from autumn plants.

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20 october

Autumn is the time when nature dresses in bright, rich colors. Landscaping with autumn plants allows you to make the place not only beautiful and stylish, but also filled with comfort and warmth. This is the time when you can create incredible compositions of perennials, ornamental shrubs and flowers, as well as use fruits and berries for decoration.

Perennials and shrubs in autumn landscaping

Autumn landscape: The magic of plants

Fall perennials and shrubs make a great addition to your garden or yard. Bushes with berries, such as sea buckthorn, wild cherry and elderberry, bring brightness and contrast to the environment. Perennials such as chrysanthemums, asters and gerberas add floral accents to the landscape design.

Autumn trees

Autumn landscape: The magic of plants

Autumn trees with bright foliage or fruit, such as B. apple, pear, maple and rowan trees are a real eye-catcher in any landscape. They create coziness, provide shade and protect against wind.

When creating autumn landscapes, you can show your imagination, create unique and stylish compositions, and add coziness and warmth to the place. The use of a variety of autumn plants and decorative elements will help make your garden bright, colorful and original.

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