How to care for cut flowers?

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10 october

Bouquet as a bright embodiment of feelings

Cut flowers are not only an amazing beauty, but also an opportunity to convey your feelings and emotions without words. Each bouquet from Felicita is a composition created with love and carefully selected for your special occasion. How to take care of floral beauty so that it would please you as long as possible?

The secrets of keeping fresh: the beginning of care

Careful transportation

The first step to a bouquet's longevity begins the moment you buy it. Make sure the flowers are protected from wind, cold and direct sunlight during transportation. This will help avoid premature plant fatigue and preserve their pristine freshness and beauty.

Proper stem cutting

Once the bouquet is in your hands, cut the stems at an angle of about 1-2 cm. This approach will increase the area for water absorption and help the flowers stay fresh longer. Use sharp, clean scissors or a specialized tool to minimize trauma to the stems.

Instant Moisturization

Provide flowers with immediate access to fresh, clean water to minimize stress after cutting and transporting. Also try to minimize the amount of time the stems are without water.

Water is key to a bouquet's longevity

Constant attention to water

One of the main enemies of bouquet freshness is contaminated water. The main task is to change the water in the vase regularly (daily is better), as well as to clean the vase itself from possible bacteria and plaque. 

Maintaining an optimal moisture level

It is important to make sure that the water level in the vase is always high. Some flowers, such as roses, are extremely thirsty and can absorb a large volume of water in a short period of time.

Water temperature

The question of whether to use warm or cold water often depends on the specific flowers. Most flowers prefer warm water because it promotes better absorption of moisture and nutrients. However, some flowers, such as daffodils or tulips, prefer cool water.

The right place for flowers: light and temperature

Keeping flowers out of direct sunlight

Choosing the right place for your bouquet also plays an important role in its longevity. Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight, as excess heat and light can dry and weaken them.

Ideal conditions

Flowers feel best in cool conditions, so if possible, place them in a room with cooler temperatures, especially at night. Also make sure the vase of flowers is away from direct heat sources such as heaters or appliances.

Avoiding drafts and cold weather

Make sure that your bouquet is not exposed to drafts or standing in cold places. Cold can also negatively affect the flowers, causing wilting and petal loss.

Keeping each element fresh: remove the wilted parts

The importance of maintaining freshness

Keeping each element of a bouquet in optimal condition will undoubtedly prolong its life and maintain its aesthetic appeal. Wilted and damaged parts of the flowers can become a source of bacteria and fungi that accelerate the wilting of the entire bouquet.

Inspect your bouquet regularly

Conduct a thorough inspection of your bouquet every day to determine if there are any wilted or damaged parts. Pay special attention to the leaves, which may begin to wilt or spot before the flowers themselves.

Techniques for pruning wilted parts

If you find wilted leaves or flowers, carefully remove them using sharp pruning shears or scissors. Take care not to damage neighboring, healthy parts of the plant. Be especially careful with thin and fragile stems.

Prevention of damage

Also, it is worth paying attention to preventing damage to the bouquet. Place it in a place where it will be protected from temperature changes, direct sunlight, and will not be exposed to mechanical damage.

Protection from bacteria and fungi

Removing wilted parts will not only help to preserve the attractive appearance of the bouquet, but also helps to prevent the reproduction of bacteria and fungi that can negatively affect the remaining flowers.

Proper storage of the bouquet

In addition to caring for the flowers themselves, keep the environment clean as well. Regularly change the water in the vase, wash the vase itself, and if you use decorative elements, also keep an eye on their condition.

Keeping them beautiful and fresh with love

Caring for cut flowers is a kind of ritual that will help not only to prolong the life of your bouquet, but also every day to remind you of the pleasant moments and warm feelings with which it was given to you. Use Felicita's advice and let your floral arrangement delight you for as long as possible. We are always happy to help you choose and preserve the beauty of your bouquet!

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