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01 november

Scorpios are a zodiac sign with extraordinary magnetism and passion. These mystical and intense natures value depth, sincerity and magic in every detail of life. A gift for Scorpio should be as alluring and unusual as they are. Together with Felicita Flowers, let's find the perfect bouquet that will appreciate this powerful zodiac sign.

Roses: Royal Petal Swirl

Roses are a classic that never loses its relevance. Dark and rich shades of roses will reflect the depth of a Scorpio's soul, while bright and rich colors of roses will highlight their passionate nature.

Chrysanthemums: Magic of Autumn

Chrysanthemums, especially those that bloom in late autumn, are ideal for the mysterious Scorpio. They symbolize longevity, happiness and joy, bringing warmth and comfort to the home.

Callas: An Elegant Symbol of Respect

Callas are an exquisite choice for a luxurious and elegant bouquet. Their curved shapes and soft lines will create an atmosphere of sophistication and mystery, bringing joy and comfort.

Orchids: Luxury and sophistication

Orchids, with their sophisticated appearance and richness of shapes and colors, can be the perfect gift to reflect the complexity and versatility of Scorpio's nature.

Irises: Inspiration and Creativity

Irises, with their slender stems and bright flowers, will inspire and bring joy, highlighting the uniqueness and individuality of each Scorpio.

Tulips: Brightness and variety

Tulips symbolize the praise of beauty, which Scorpios will undoubtedly appreciate. Choose deep or rich colors to wow and surprise.

Gerberas: Celebration of Life

Gerberas, with their bright and rich colors, can be a great way to highlight the passion and energy of a Scorpio, adding warmth and light to their days.

Amaryllis: Royal Choice

Amaryllis with its luxurious buds can become a symbol of respect and admiration for Scorpio, emphasizing their charisma and independence.

Working with Felicita Flowers will allow you to choose the perfect bouquet for a Scorpio that will reflect the depth and intensity of their incredible nature. Create something truly unique and memorable that will be a source of incredible joy and happiness for your Scorpio loved one!

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