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Inna, 2022.09.01
Great service! They really helped out on her daughter's birthday, had to change the city of delivery due to weather conditions, but Felicita worked very well. We are happy, our whole family, thanks!
Galina, 2022.08.31
I express my deep gratitude to the whole team "Felicita". Delivered without delay at the specified time. The bouquet was the same as on the site. They made a photo report and sent it via email. Now we are your regular customers - we will order only from you. We wish you prosperity, well-being and more regular customers! Thanks a lot!!!
Julia, 2022.08.30
Thank you very much! Very cool bouquet !! Fast delivery!!!
Marina, 2022.08.29
Thank you very much!!! Everything is great, very nice. I will recommend you to all my friends, I wish you prosperity. Be sure to use more than once.
Alexander, 2022.08.28
And again 5 points for the service. In time, targeted. And even a bottle of champagne was replaced under the order)
Tatiana, 2022.08.27
We first ordered flowers while in another country. Everything went at the highest level, we managed to surprise our mommy! We are very happy, thank you so much!
Irina, 2022.08.26
Thanks to your company, we managed to pleasantly surprise and congratulate our mommy on her birthday, despite the distance between us that is 3000 km. And the flowers, and a festive basket arrived safe and sound) Thank you for the excellent service!
Alexander, 2022.08.25
Thank you very much, you did everything in the best possible way!
Dmitry, 2022.08.24
Thank you so much. Delivery is quickly. Flowers are great!
Anton, 2022.08.23
Thank you! Everything is clear, high quality and responsible. I myself from Kerch made an order in Dnepr. Thank you again I am your client.
Oleg, 2022.08.22
The bouquet is simply divine, thank you very much for such a sincere approach to everyone involved :)Birthday girl is in seventh heaven)))
Stanislav Savchev, 2022.08.21
Many thanks from the UK, you are great!
Olga and sister Ann, 2022.08.20
Thank you very much to everyone, everyone who works in this organization. I was very pleased to communicate with you. Florists took into account all my wishes. Thank you so much for the flowers .. I really enjoyed "working" with you! The bouquet ordered by my mother in Zaporozhye made a tremendous impression on her and except for “stunning, chic and awesome” I heard many more words from her !!! Thank you very much! Thank you florists, operators and delivery service !!! We will continue to be friends)))
Sergey, 2022.08.19
Well done guys! All done on time without any problems!
Tatiana, 2022.08.18
Thank you, everything is done well and on time! Recommend!!!
Alexander, 2022.08.17
Thank you so much for the service! I liked the bouquet very much. Delivery on time. It is a pity that due to the fact that there was no preliminary call, it was not possible to make a photo of the birthday woman with a bouquet. But still thank you very much!
Ian, 2022.08.16
Adding to my yesterday's comment. I want to say that the company was pleasantly surprised. The situation was promptly corrected, a new bouquet and even a compliment from the company was brought. Very nice to deal with you. Thank you.
Ian, 2022.08.15
Good evening.The courier dropped and crushed on delivery, partially broke the bouquet, some of the roses were broken and bent. That's a bit wrong for what I paid.The courier quickly put the bouquet in, said that he had dropped it a little and squeezed it, and ran away)))Refused to go back and take it. This is your mistake, I would like a bouquet to be replaced.
Iryna, 2022.08.14
Quality work. Done accurately, on time. Thank you!
Lyudmila, 2022.08.13
The order was fulfilled very clearly, at the agreed time. THANK YOU.
Anna, 2022.08.12
Thank you for the pleasant opportunity to congratulate relatives from another country. Service works perfectly
Anastacia, 2022.08.11
Service at the highest level !! Thank you for the opportunity to make a gift to your family, being a thousand kilometers away from them !!! :)
Anatoly, 2022.08.10
Many thanks to the company. You reduce the distance and make it possible to give your loved ones joy. Everything is delivered exactly and on time, beautifully decorated. With gifts. It's just great that you can from the snowy Magadan pass a magnificent bouquet of your beloved mom in Zaporozhye.)))
Anna, 2022.08.09
Infinitely grateful to the company "Felicita"! You give people a real holiday, you work as a single well-coordinated team, sometimes deciding the most difficult and unforeseen circumstances of delivery, as in my case, you create real miracles)) Thank you so much for your patience, attention and support to operators, as well as your wonderful florists! Surprise was a success. Bouquet as on the site - beautiful, fresh! Mommy in Zaporozhye was very happy)) I will surely take advantage of your services by occasion next time. Successes and prosperity of your company!
Irina, 2022.08.08
Good day! I want to express my deep gratitude to your company! I ordered delivery in Zaporozhye for the first time and was very pleased with you! The bouquet was fresh and beautifully decorated, delivered on time, as stated! I will definitely contact you again! My best wishes and prosperity to your company !!
Kira, 2022.08.07
To congratulate a dear person, even if he is very far, very easy! Flowers !!! And how convenient that in our century it is possible to order flowers with delivery throughout the country, without lifting the ass from the chair))))Frankly, I used this service for the first time yesterday. Of all the websites that I have refurbished, I showed the most favorable prices, even with paid delivery (at least for roses, I was looking for them). We ordered a bouquet of 19 roses, a box of rafaelo and a postcard.I was pleased that the besides the flowers you can order a present - a toy, flowers, balloons, candy. As well as a card to choose from with your wishes. In the order itself, you can specify not only the date, but also the time of the order. And it is also possible to send flowers anonymously, that is, it was you who ordered the flowers, the recipient will not be told, even if they are tortured)))After paying the order I was called back literally 10 minutes later. Refined data and confirmed the order. Promptly))) And a confirmation of the order arrived in the mail.Regarding the quality of flowers, punctuality of delivery - The quality and freshness of the flower at the height. Delivery and service, too, all clarified, called back before sending the courier and sent a photo with a bouquet, asked for the address. Delivered on time. No complaints, only gratitude!I hope we will use the services of this site more than once.)))
Julia, 2022.08.06
Thank you very much! I wish you be well and prosper!
Elena, 2022.08.05
Thank you, friends, for the prompt delivery of the "cloud of happiness")) and the opportunity to give a holiday to relatives even from a distance !!! )) Now you are in my bookmarks! ))
Anna, 2022.08.04
I want to thank you for the good delivery !!!!! I ordered from Moscow for my mother who is in Ukraine, all delivered exactly on time! I am very pleased, thank you! Now I will always use your services!
Asia, 2022.08.03
Thanks! Delivered at the specified time, provided the photo report! The bouquet corresponded to the declared photo on the site. Flowers are fresh and beautiful! Thank you!
Victoria, 2022.08.02
Thank you very much for your company's employees for their attentive attitude to their clients, for their responsibility and professionalism. Thanks to you, I had the opportunity to congratulate my dear mom on her 81 year of birth, to bring her joy by presenting a white orchid. I hope that admiring her, my mommy will remember me. Being a thousand kilometers away from people dear to me, I sometimes want to make some pleasant surprise for them, let me know how I love them. It is good that the opportunity to do it with your help has appeared Good luck and prosperity!
Oga, 2022.08.01
Thanks a lot, the surprise succeeded
andrei, 2022.07.31
Thanks a lot !! Ordered a bouquet from Russia everything went well! !!
Ann, 2022.07.30
Order is very fast (within three hours after payment). If necessary, you can easily contact the operator (from another country, viber, whatsapp). Flowers are beautiful and fresh, sent a report-photo about delivery. Thank you!
Inna, 2022.07.29
Thanks a lot for the service! Delivery is made in the agreed terms, the flowers are beautiful and fresh! We will order again. I recommend !!!
Victoria, 2022.07.28
Thank you for the fact that even from Israel, I can make a present to my mom and give a bouquet in ukraine.Everything's quickly, comfortable and convenient)))
Anna, 2022.07.27
Thank you Great for the fact that even from Israel, I can make a pleasant surprise to my mom and give a bouquet in ukraine.Everything's quickly comfortable and convenient)))
Victoria, 2022.07.26
A great opportunity to congratulate your loved ones when you are far away. Today my mother received a bouquet and then wept with joy. Thanks to your team for those moments of joy that I could give with flowers. I promise to use your services on a regular basis so that Mom does not cry any more, even if it's joyful. Give flowers - it's much better than an electronic greetings.
Xana, 2022.07.25
Thanks for the delivery, got it in time)
Alexander, 2022.07.24
Many thanks everything's at the highest level, my wife really liked it, the delivery was right in time. Wish you success in the team keep giving people joy.