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Egor Krilov, 2022.10.11
This is not the first time I use your services, this time I am not disappointed either. The order was delivered even earlier than requested, but it was agreed with the recipient, so I am satisfied !!!
Alyona, 2022.10.10
I ordered a cloud of balloons in Zaporozhye on February 14, brought in the morning, as I requested. The balloons still fly)) Thank you !!!
Dmitry, 2022.10.09
Thank you very much guys, you are great!)
Lows, 2022.10.08
The guys work great! I could not pay for the order,they helped me, consulted me, did everything in the best form and in the shortest possible time! I advise)
Nikolay, 2022.10.07
Thank you for helping us making close people happy.
Diana, 2022.10.06
Thank you for congratulating my sister on her birthday, despite the fact that it was just on February 14th. I was very worried that I the delivery won't be on time. Sister is just delighted !!! Thanks for the photo report, I have not seen my sister for a long time. You are the best !!!
Konstantin, 2022.10.05
I live in Israel now, I could not pay for an order for a long time. Thanks to the managers who helped !!! The flowers were delivered on time, young men)
Inessa, 2022.10.04
I live in another country, I can not always be close to my family. but thanks to you, they feel that I'm near. I will do my best to use your services again!
Yuri, 2022.10.03
Delivered flowers with delay! But generally good.
Vladimir, 2022.10.02
I stayed very pleased! Ordered delivery from 6-9. In the morning the courier called my wife, clarified whether she could accept the order, and after 20 minutes the courier called ringed at the door bell! I did not expect such a quality service!
Sasha, Latvia, 2022.10.01
I ordered a bouquet on February 14 in Kharkov, picked up the time from 9:00 to 11:00, brought around the dinner time, but with my girlfriend they agreed time, so there are no complaints. The flowers are fresh and the main thing is that the girl is happy
Igor, 2022.09.30
Well done !!!!I was very worried about my order. I use this service for the first time. I ordered a bouquet from 9 to 11. They brought a bouquet at 12 o'clock, but already at work to the girl. Overall, I'm very pleased with your work!Thanks a lot !!!
Oleg, 2022.09.29
Thanks to your company for congratulating my wife on the day of lovers !!! I am now in another country and still I was able to congratulate her on a holiday !! Thank you, I will appeal more!
Irakli, 2022.09.28
spasipo za dostavku, budu zakazivat u vas!
Andrian, 2022.09.27
Thank you very much!
Vladimir, 2022.09.26
Everything is perfectly done. The order was from Samara. Delivered a bouquet 3 hours after ordering. Excellent responsiveness. Beautiful flowers. Thank you. I appeal for the second time.
Eugene, 2022.09.25
Everything is great and fast
Customer 1, 2022.09.24
Thank you very much for the services provided. I ordered from Russia, everything went fine! We will cooperate further. Now found a way to please a loved one!
Helen, 2022.09.23
Heartfelt thanks for delivering flowers !! We transferred both the time, and the date, made changes to the bouquet ... ALL was done with participation! Thank you very much! We are glad to get acquainted, be sure to continue the meeting !!!
Svetlana, 2022.09.22
Thank you very much for delivering flowers from balloons !! Loved it! Delivery was made at the agreed time !! I will order more ;)
Tatianna, 2022.09.21
Satisfied with the service! The order was completed on time, informed about the status of the order with a photo. Thank you!
Inessa, 2022.09.20
Make a third order from Finland. Mom is happy with gifts for her birthdays and March 8th. Thank you for the quality of service.
Nikita, 2022.09.19
I am satisfied with the delivery, the bouquets are also beautiful, but now they wither again almost the next day.
Roman, 2022.09.18
I work in Poland, I ordered flowers for my mother's birthday on the site. The order was completed on time, the bouquet was fresh and exactly like in the photo) it is important that I need a minimum of actions, I didn’t even have to contact - I filled out a form on the site with the necessary information and paid for the order, and on the specified day I received a message about the delivery . In general, I recommend) Thank you for your service!
Sergey, 2022.09.17
Thank you for helping to make people happier!
Alexander, 2022.09.16
Thank you very much for the service. All performed at the highest level !!!!
Andrzej, 2022.09.15
Jestem bardzo zadowolony i dzi?kuje za tak Profesjonalne podej?cie do klienta ju? zawsze b?d? korzysta? z waszych us?ug dzi?kuje. Pozdrawiam z Polski
Eugene, 2022.09.14
Many thanks for the work done. All on time and with taste, a signed freehand card is gorgeous, thanks for the effort. Respect
Vitaly, 2022.09.13
Thank you very much for a job well done. My mom was a very insanely pleased with the gift.
Svetlana, 2022.09.12
Thanks for the quality service! Delivering joy to the hero of the anniversary. From 15.01 the flowers did not lose their appearance.
Michael, 2022.09.11
Thank! All OK. clearly, efficiently and responsibly - card payment, communication and completeness of the info - Ok. Good service.
Daria, 2022.09.10
Thank you very much for the attentive approach)) Now I know that you are the very people who bring joy without problems and even on a large plant. Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!!
Ella, 2022.09.09
Good day! Thank you very much for your work - positive emotions are received with full !!!! Registration and delivery, and in general the attitude towards the client at the highest level, even despite the fact that the order was not expensive and it was necessary to deliver to the hospital - you guys are great! I recommend you to everyone !!!!
Remigijus-Litva, 2022.09.08
spasibo za vipolnieny zakaz moja druzina byla v vostorge
Olesya, 2022.09.07
Thank you very much for the order, for the wonderful mood of the birthday gal sister and ours :) The order was made from Russia, Moscow. A beautiful bouquet, the balloons are great! Special thanks to the courier who traveled through the drifts to the birthday girl :)
Admin, 2022.09.06
We will try to fill in the description of dimensions and other characteristics in the near future. The operator at invoicing was mistaken unintentionally, had a disciplinary conversation. We value our reputation and customers. Thanks for your feedback. We will work to improve the service!
Anastacia, 2022.09.05
I would like to leave feedback about the service: 1 - when placing an order, it was necessary to edit the shipping cost. When the operator sent me a check for payment, the cost was indicated at 50 UAH more than I had to pay. I called back and clarified why so, apologized and sent the check already with the right amount. 2 - there was no connection with me, I indicated that order information was sent in SMS, silence. She wrote herself on the site, she learned how successful with the order. 3 - photo on the site "optical illusion"! All bouquets are photographed so that it is completely unclear what size it will be. It can be quite miniature, and in the photo it will seem like a million scarlet roses. That's how I burned. I ordered a birthday delivery, 15 roses in a hat box, the price is not cheap. The photo shows as if this box is at least 50 * 50 in size, in fact it is at most 10 * 10 in size !!!! The characteristics on the site do not specify absolutely nothing! I also admit my guilt that I did not ask in detail. Although it seems to me that a firm that values ??its reputation and customers should, when ordering, notify and discuss order details in more detail. In general, the flowers are not bad, but I was ashamed of this “mini Barbie bouquet”, I wanted to fall through the ground when I came to the person for my birthday in the evening and saw THIS ... !!!!
Yuri, 2022.09.04
Thank. Very beautiful bouquet. Flowers as in the photo. Fast delivery.
Irene, 2022.09.03
Thank you for shipping in a short time! Flowers are beautiful and correspond to the picture on the site. Plus postcard invested)
Evgeny, 2022.09.02
Delivered, all on time, the flowers are gorgeous as in the photo) BUT there is one thing but. There was no connection with me. Although they had to write SMS and mail that the flowers were delivered. I called myself at the beginning of the 9th. Nobody picked up the phone on two numbers either.