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Alexander, 2022.11.20
Many times i was pleased. And on March 7, his wife was given a languid bouquet, which was thrown out the next morning !!!!!! How do you think my sweetheart feels ???? So you lose all customers. It's too much
Kolya, 2022.11.19
Thanks for shipping! Mom and wife are delighted!
Alisa, 2022.11.18
I ordered a bouquet, everything was delivered, they sent a photo, only for some reason the tulips were not the same color on the site .... but it didn’t spoil the delivery in general, my mother liked everything, and the main thing for me is that she is happy
Andrei, 2022.11.17
I ordered flowers on March 8th. I asked to be delivered in the 1st half of the day, the operators said that they could not promise anything very busy. But still received the flowers in time, I was pleasantly surprised, thank you! Patience to you!
Rafik, 2022.11.16
Spasibo za cvety moya devushka ochen chasliva
Anastacia, 2022.11.15
To be honest very worried about the delivery of flowers on the 8th of March! But all delivered, though not in the interval, which I pointed out, but still. Flowers are fresh, the bouquet is almost identical to the one on the site. Thanks.
Andrei, 2022.11.14
Well done work is well established! I ordered on March 8, I called many times a day. All were entertained politely and in detail, at least at the end of the conversation they were asked to write on Viber. And I called and called :)) I added candies and then a postcard, then I changed the text and then the delivery time. All delivered +/- on time. The flowers are nice, the couriers are polite !!
Victor, 2022.11.13
Sincerely thank you!)
Ivan, 2022.11.12
Thank you very much for delivery. Everything is just super
Victoria, 2022.11.11
Thank you so much) you are great fellows))) everything was done in the best possible way) Mother is happy
Kira, 2022.11.10
Thank you so much, mother is happy, like an elephant))))
Oleg, 2022.11.09
I ordered a bouquet for my beloved, on March 8, everything was transported, only an hour late, they can be understood on such a day. But the plus is that they called for earlier and warned that there will be a delivery. The girl is just thrilled. Thank you for the work, now I will always order from you.
Kirill, 2022.11.08
Vse super!!!
Inna, 2022.11.07
Everything is cool! Thanks!
andy, 2022.11.06
I ordered flowers to my girlfriends in Zaporozhye. Honestly, I forgot about the tribe, she was left without a bunch. I asked Felicita to take all the blame upon them, saying that they forgot to deliver it)) They did not refuse my request and did everything as requested! Great service, thanks !!!
Yana, 2022.11.05
Thanks a lot to my husband for his congratulations. Being even in different city, in such a beautiful day he did not leave me without attention. Of course, I didn’t tell to my husband in what form the flowers were delivered to me and he left positive feedback. The guys who made the delivery were polite and friendly. Flowers were delivered to me not quite fresh, exactly, gerberas did not look like the first freshness, the leaves were frost-bitten, and the roses were good. But I would not have written a review today if I hadn’t started changing the water and cutting the tips in the morning. Recounting the number of flowers was just in SHOCK, there were12 of them, do you even know what you are doing? I do not advise anyone to try this, get 12 flowers for a holiday.
Leonid, 2022.11.04
On March 8, the flowers were delivered on time, regardless of the load. I use the services of the company is not the first time. There are no comments on the work of the staff yet. Recommend! Reasonable prices and excellent service.
Elsa, 2022.11.03
Already twice my husband uses this delivery. The first time 101 red roses, everything is fine. On March 8, too, 101 roses of only pink color, so the flowers on the same day howled. Upon receipt, I saw that the flowering flowers were not fresh after a couple of hours, the flowers had lowered the buds. I do not like to leave bad reviews, but I feel sorry for his 160 $ that is 4100 UAH. So my advice to you, felicita- try to please customers and not lose them. I'm terribly uncontent.
Nataliia I.H., 2022.11.02
Thank you for your order. Mom was very happy to receive a bouquet of tulips and rafaello by March 8 ... but I ordered delivery from 9 - 11.00, and the bouquet was delivered late at night: (((Soon I am going to make another order. Hope it will be delivered on time !!!!!
Nataly, 2022.11.01
Thank you for the excellent work, fresh flowers, and all on time!
Anna, 2022.10.31
Thank you for the holiday delivery. They come even earlier than expected. Mom is very happy surprise! Already the second order and I will contact you again;)
Ivan, 2022.10.30
Thank you for delivery !!! ordered two bouquets, requested that they be combined into one, all were made in the best form, the recipient was delighted, very pleased, delivered everything in time, as requested, from early morning, for which a separate thank you very much to the courier !!! I congratulate the whole female group on the holiday !!! Happiness to you, good luck and success in all matters !!! once again, thank you so much)
Maria, 2022.10.29
Ordered a bouquet of tulips for mother's birthday, mom is in another city, delivery was ordered from 9 to 11 in the morning, at which at 11:15 the courier had not left yet. Not only that was late, so from the bouquet of 25 tulips my mother had arrived 22 !!! Damn, 22! Yes, you persecute, people, the courier pulled it out for his girlfriend or so you packed???The first and last time! And not the first comment I write, do not need to delete, there is no courage to admit this ???
Evgeny, 2022.10.28
Ordered from China. Delivery was on time. Thank you for your site :)
Jorik, 2022.10.27
Thank you very much!!!!! High level of order execution and communication! =) Recommended!
Rushan, 2022.10.26
Thank you for delivering a bouquet to my girlfriend in time, I am not with her now. She was very pleased
Alla, 2022.10.25
I ordered flowers from another country, everything was done at the highest level !!! It was impossible to pay, but thanks to the help of an online consultant, everything worked out))) I’ll contact you again and again! THANK YOU))))
Hope, 2022.10.24
Thank you for the present mood! A wonderful bouquet of the freshest tulips brought a lot of joy to the recipient.)))
Kirill, 2022.10.23
Thank you girls for your patience, for a client like me))) They took into account all my requirements and the surprise was a success !!! Flowers brought the freshest and right on time !!! Expect an order from me for March 8!
Ivan, 2022.10.22
Guys, thank you so much for delivering flowers !!! I honestly did not expect such a service, 5 points !!!
Alevtina, 2022.10.21
I ordered a bouquet of 25 tulips for my mother, who is now very far away from me. Honestly, very worried about the delivery. You did everything in the best possible way !!! And provided a photo report on viber))) I would recommend you to all my friends!
Daria, 2022.10.20
I ordered balloons for my birthday.Thanks for 25 balloons
Valentina, 2022.10.19
Thank you very much! It was very important for me that the bouquet was delivered early in the morning, and it was delivered even earlier, which was promised. Successes your company and further prosperity!
Lisa, 2022.10.18
Loved the service! Quickly, you can pay by card online. I especially liked the fact that they send a photo with the recipient afterwards) Thank you!
Tatiana, 2022.10.17
Many thanks to the staff! The site works perfectly, payment passes without problems! On-line chat is answered quickly and professionally! I tried to order on this site for the first time. The former site, where I had ordered flowers with delivery for several years in a row, did not work so well, the choice of compositions became less and could not be achieved from the operational staff. On this site you want in an online chat ask if you want to call Viber or WhatsApp. Everything is just arranged for a comfortable and smooth placement of the order! Prosperity to you in business! I will definitely order your beautiful compositions again.
Admin, 2022.10.16
Thank you for your feedback! We will try to deal with the situation throughout the day. Information submitted to the management!
Alexander, 2022.10.15
Dear owners and employees of this company. This time you have disappointed me very much !!!!!!!! The order was made in Kharkov. I liked one bouquet of very bright tulips, but asked to put it in a box, because of the proposed ready-made compositions there were no suitable flowers in the box. The girl advised to the phone that yes it was possible to do everything, chose a box with a different composition (by code) which I wanted and accepted the order with the words that everyone would do it in the best possible way. As a result, when I saw this composition my jaw hung !!! The box is not the same at all, okay if the color is not the same, it does not matter, but it is not at all from the series I wanted and it's hard to call it a box, I haven't seen such on the website As if wrapped by a piece of paper and tied with a ribbon, does not harmonize with flowers at all !!! If it was not available, you could call to ask which in exchange .... If it were possible, I would attach a photo for comparison that I wanted and received. I wanted to make a pleasant surprise. The surprise came out, maybe she was pleased (so to speak), but for me this is a complete disappointment. Though the flowers are fresh in appearance, thanks to that ... In the future I will use the services of other companies ....
Elena, 2022.10.14
A good company, though there is still something to work on, although it’s very noticeable that they are trying to do everything efficiently. Before ordering read the reviews and it seemed strange that everyone writes only good things. But she decided to place an order, first clarified the questions of interest in the online chat "answered everything advised, prompted, "I liked it. The order is made. Everything was delivered, everything corresponded: the flowers and balloons, and the cake is fresh. Yes, the flowers are not with huge buds but fresh, but what do you want in the middle of WINTER In general, the company is good. You are great.
Alexey Lavrent`ev, 2022.10.13
Thank you for the delivered bouquet and balls, as well as photos with the recipient! My wife said that the courier was very polite, this is a big plus for you. I will order from you again.
Zhenya, 2022.10.12
Thank you so much!