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Client, 2022.12.30
I ordered my little girl a bouquet of flowers 151 red roses from another country. delivery is good.
Alexander, 2022.12.29
I live in the USA. I ordered flowers for the girls. Fulfilled quickly and clearly. Thank you for your work. I advise everyone to deal with them.
Lena, 2022.12.28
All super))) turned out a surprise! Thank you)))
Maria, 2022.12.27
Thank you
Dasha, 2022.12.26
Thank you so much for giving a lot of positive emotions to the closest person to me - my mother)) The order was completed on time, all clearly and correctly) You are professionals! Thank you very much!!! I wish you success and prosperity)
Vyacheslav, 2022.12.25
I placed an order through an online consultant who answered all my questions and listened to all my wishes. I paid for the order from Germany without any problems and in the evening the flowers were delivered to my wife in the Dnieper! I am very satisfied, more than once I will use your services !!! Thanks!!!
Evgeny, 2022.12.24
Very grateful for the completed order !!! The bouquet was delivered quickly, the birthday girl was pleasantly surprised by such a surprise. Very beautiful flowers. Thank you again for the clear work. I wish your company further prosperity!
Kristina, 2022.12.23
Ordered a bouquet for the mother from Moscow to Zaporozhye. The order was delivered, mom was pleased. Thank you Felicita !!! We will definitely order more and recommend it to everyone.
Valentina, 2022.12.22
Thank you for the good service, got flowers in time.
Gennady, 2022.12.21
Thank you very much !!!!! You guys are super !!!! Be sure I'll once again use your services. Traveled all over the world at work. Faced with many services. But you surprised me pleasantly !!!!
Svetlana, 2022.12.20
The bouquet matched the photos, the delivery was on time, the postcard was in place, the photo report, too. Our mother was happy :) Well done, highly recommend.
Anna, 2022.12.19
There are no complaints to the company, no matter how much the bouquets are always ordered, they are simply magical, the flowers are fresh, as if they had just been cut. At first I was worried that I personally didn’t see how the bouquets were being collected, in the old manner I was used to command: Add greenery, add flower buds and so on. And then I kind of ordered it. But after three successful orders, the excitement was gone, the bouquets are obtained as needed. Even nothing to complain about, well, and as a nice bonus they always put a postcard, a bouquet of 101 roses was brought beautiful. Still very nice. But I also wanted more for large orders and regular ones to receive a discount of at least 5% or a compliment from the company (such as candy, champagne, at least a chocolate bar) so that customer care would be felt. Think about my wishes and success to you.
Vano, 2022.12.18
Well, I am satisfied, they made everything as I asked. Here you can order. I advise.
Sergey, 2022.12.17
Thank you very much ! Thank you for your promptness, for the design, for your work. And most importantly, my beloved is very pleased and happy! Get more customers for you!
Masha, 2022.12.16
Thank you, mamchik happy, wait a month later we will congratulate dad.)))
Semen, 2022.12.15
Thanks for the promptness! All were drawn up, agreed and delivered in 3 hours!
Vasily, 2022.12.14
A good company. The girl is delighted, the flowers and clouds of the balloons are made on the highest level. Now I know how I will please my loved ones.
Sasha , 2022.12.13
I ordered a bouquet for 800 UAH. in Zaporizhia. asked to do at the discretion of florists so as to surprise the girl.The guys are just cool))) The girl огые squealed with delight. now I will order only from you.)))
Roman, 2022.12.12
The best flowers in Zaporozhye !!! It is not the first time I order from them. Always fresh flowers and beautifully designed bouquets! Well done, more customers to you !!!
Inga, 2022.12.11
I read both good and negative reviews on the site, I was very worried. Use the service at your own risk! I really wanted to congratulate a loved one, but personally there was no possibility: (The man was absolutely delighted, the flowers were fresh (photos sent) The delivery was on time! Thank you so much !!!
Daria, 2022.12.10
The second time I used your services. Everything was always on time and helped to choose the text for the postcard. Delivered on time, special thanks to the courier)))) I will definitely order again !!!!!!!!
Miha, 2022.12.09
Thanks for the delivery - they worked quickly, delivered on time, and they also phoned in on the delivery, even dropped a photo report after the presentation - it's nice to work, keep it up - do not lower the brand guys. Good luck and prosperity business. with best regards))))))
Marina, 2022.12.08
I want to thank Felichita! I used the services of flower delivery for the first time, precisely with the help of your site. And not disappointed. Assisted in ordering, sent a photo of the order in finished form, delivered at the designated time than insanely happy native people living thousands of miles away from us! We will continue to use your services!
Alik, 2022.12.07
Thank you so much for fast delivery and low prices !!! I am very grateful to you. Despite the confusion with the address, the courier delivered the flowers to the destination and in the stipulated time. I will advise you to my friends.
Elizabeth, 2022.12.06
Замовляла квіти мамі в Пологи, довелося доплатити за доставку, але воно того варте !!! Мама була о-о-дуже задоволена))) Дякую що даруєте людям посмішки !!!!
Misha, 2022.12.05
Everything just like i needed. It is very convenient that you can call before delivery, since I did not know whether the girl is at home or not. I am pleased, thank you!
Dmytro, 2022.12.04
Thank you very much, the flowers are very beautiful and fresh. I will order more !!!
Natella, 2022.12.03
Very pleased with the function "Photo with the recipient." I have not seen my mother so happy for a long time, thank you!
Illya, 2022.12.02
First time to use the flower delivery service very worried but it went with a bang! Thank
Juri, 2022.12.01
Thanks for the balloons! Loved it!
Julia, 2022.11.30
Thank you very much for giving the opportunity to rejoice loved ones, despite the distance.
Olya, 2022.11.29
Felichita thank you!)))Balloons ... flowers ....You know how to make people smile .... and this is suuuuper!)))
Lesya, 2022.11.28
Thank you, I was pleasantly surprised: I made an order today for today, delivered to a remote area of the city on time, the photos immediately appeared. I saw that the bouquet corresponds to the ordered one, the flowers are fresh, the addressee is touched. Without censures, thank you!
Anton, 2022.11.27
I ordered my wife flowers from Germany, everything was easy and smooth. Despite the workload.
Christina, 2022.11.26
Received delivery from this company, I liked everything :)
Victor, 2022.11.25
Cool service, everything is on the level!
Tatiana, 2022.11.24
100% disappointed with the service (((. I will never use the service again !! and will not advise anyone ((the holiday is ruined by me and my relatives !! for my money !! I made 3 orders for March 8: two to Dnepropetrovsk at the same address (for mom and dad - for dad's birthday is March 8th) and one for Dneprodzerzhinsk (for delivery of 265 UAH !! by taxi you can hit the road!). Dnepropetrovsk orders NOT EXECUTED AT ALL !! And since I wanted to make a surprise, I didn’t tell my parents about the gift of March 8. And the very next day I found out that nobody even DIDN'T CHARGE !! When I asked on the site - what's the problem? - I was told that the order is made !! And already having understood, reported that the courier delivered to the wrong address !!! Is this some kind of divorce for suckers ?? !! How is this "wrong address" ?? There are still phone numbers listed and always phoned beforehand, and more names are listed! and my phone!, and I also made an order with a photo of feedback !! And no photo report - respectively ((( On March 9, in the evening, the order was delivered after my complaint, but the fruit basket did not have all the listed fruits ((I’ve met with this one for the first time! Hungry couriers got something ??? ??? Total disappointment !! With the third order, too, adventures, although he was nevertheless delivered. They promised to bring him before 19.00. They called the recipient and confirmed that they would bring it before 19.00, and finally brought it at 22.00 !! The order was made out at 7 o'clock in the morning, so that delivery could be done all the same on a holiday! No one else will advise the firm "Felicita" ((the holiday is ruined by me and my relatives !! for my money !!
Client, 2022.11.23
Everything is cool! I liked the quality of service, and my wife a pleasant surprise and fresh flowers!
Dmitry, 2022.11.22
Great site. I ordered roses with helium balloons, (there are balloons with diodes inside) the order was delivered exactly at the specified time. What was a great surprise. Great prices, attractive offers, easy payment. Keep it up!) Only if you order the BALLOONS WITH HELIUM, PHOTOGRAPHY WITH THEM IMMEDIATELY! They hold less than a day. And the rest, thanks for everything!
Alexander, 2022.11.21
Stop the gangsters truth. First, bring lethargic flowers, spoiled the mood of your beloved before March 8. And then delete the truth