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Galina, 2023.02.08
Thank you for the balloons, all delivered on time, everything is super !!!!!
Illya, 2023.02.07
Дякую Вам за доставку, Все супер, оперативно і вчасно. Я замовив квіти з Єревана, і залишився задоволений. Буду завжди замовляти у Вас. Ще раз дякую
Rita, 2023.02.06
Thank you for the timely delivery. flowers and balls bring delight)))
Ivan, 2023.02.05
Everything is super. Well done) keep it up !!!
Tatiana, 2023.02.04
Thank you very much! All liked it! The figure and the basket exactly as in the photo, the only thing not delivered at the specified time.
Denis, 2023.02.03
Thank you very much, I liked everything !!! the only thing I would like is that the time was more accurate because I chose from 7 to 9 and the person arrived exactly at 7 when I was in the store and made the person wait. And so everything is fine, thanks a lot more than once I order from you.
Victor B, 2023.02.02
Thank you very much for the fast and high-quality delivery of flowers and balloons. Thereby, the improved mood of the birthday girl and the whole company. And the fact that the flowers stood for a week in such a heat, and the balls flew for several days, it says only about the quality approach and customer care. And not banal making money. And research respect of most similar firms. Thanks again.
Dima, 2023.02.01
Spasibo za servis! Vse SUPER!!!
Asmik, 2023.01.31
How can you deliver flowers and a card from Georgia to Dnepropetrovsk in three hours? It's very simple, contact felicta-flowers)
Irina, 2023.01.30
The order is made perfectly !!! The company worked smoothly and on the day of delivery everything went perfectly! Birthday girl was very pleased with the service and beautiful flowers! Absolutely justified cost of services and goods! Recommend!!!
Administrator, 2023.01.29
Good afternoon, Vitaly! Thanks for your feedback. In the order you indicated that you first need to contact the recipient. We would like to note that our company reserves the right to slightly change the delivery time if it is convenient for the recipient. Regarding the freshness of the flowers, the bouquet can not be sluggish, because the flowers were received from the warehouse in excellent condition and were absolutely fresh. Best regards, Felicita company administrator.
Vitali, 2023.01.28
Delivered at the wrong time, if you take 75 UAH. for delivery - please deliver at a specified time. The bouquet looks sluggish and different from the photo on the site. I will not order anything more here.
Anna, 2023.01.27
Thank you very much for the advice, as well as your work! Excellent Service! The flowers are fresh and very beautiful !!! The recipient was pleasantly surprised)))
Anton, 2023.01.26
Very cool!!!
andrei, 2023.01.25
Thanks to your store !!! I ordered a bouquet in the evening, at 8.30 already delivered! Thank you very much!!!
Egor Orlov, 2023.01.24
I ordered flowers for the first time. Delivered on time, a surprise success! The bouquet is very beautiful! Many thanks to your company for the happy moments!
Lena, 2023.01.23
This is not the first time I shop at this store. The range is wide, the flowers are always fresh, beautiful. Each bouquet is beautifully decorated, it is clear that it is decorated with love.
Zhenya, 2023.01.22
Fresh flowers and a polite courier, but 5 minutes late. But in general, everything is fine, my wife is happy.
Regina N., 2023.01.21
Very nice girl operator. She advised what flowers are best to give mom. Several times they called each other to clarify details of the order and other trifles. Convenient and fast payment method and the most important fresh flowers! Mom really liked the bouquet and courier)
Tatiana, 2023.01.20
Thanks for the delivery of flowers, everything was done at the specified time, the friend was very pleased))
Violetta, 2023.01.19
Beautiful balloons delivered, flew for quite a long time, I will order more soon, that's for sure
Igor, 2023.01.18
I liked everything, delivery on time, the bouquet is fresh and beautiful as in the photo
Sveta, 2023.01.17
Thank you for your patience and excellent work.
Dmitry, 2023.01.16
Everything is okay, a little delayed by time, they said that there were traffic jams .. All possible, the main thing is that the delivery took place and there were fresh flowers :) I will be in contact.
Ekaterina, 2023.01.15
I'm a regular customer of this company, never disappointed!
Dmitry, 2023.01.14
The birthday man is pleased with what else is needed. Everything's fine. We will use it.
Tatiana, 2023.01.13
The first time I applied to this company, I was very worried about the quality, as I used the services of other companies. felicita-flowers are professionals. I was very pleased.
Karen, 2023.01.12
I ordered 101 roses for the action. Rose surpassed all expectations, 5 days and has not yet faded. I will appeal to you again.
Irina, 2023.01.11
Thanks to your company !!!! You bring people joy and smiles! WISH YOU prosperity!
Oleg, 2023.01.10
Thank you! Everything is super !!!
Iryna, 2023.01.09
Thank you !!!Bouquet as online !!! Same as two drops of water! Wishing you prosperity !!!
Igor, 2023.01.08
In Dnepropetrovsk. Thank you, all is well. Very happy recipient) Pleased with the notification of the execution of the order. Well done.
Karina, 2023.01.07
Thanks for the timely delivery)) The child really liked the balloons and the figure of Minion) I advise to everyone !!!
Vasily of Kremenchug 0675302220, 2023.01.06
Order in the Dnieper delivered on time. The birthday man is very pleased - it was a surprise! Thank you very much. Good luck with your work.
Sergey, 2023.01.05
I live in Germany, I have already used your services more than once. Everything is super !!! My love is pleased, and I am pleased. Thank you for your work, operator and florist. In May I will be in your city, I will definitely come and thank you personally. Now I'm your dedicated client and advice you to the others. Felicita! Good luck to you!
Evgeny, 2023.01.04
Once again, thank you for the services! A bouquet in Zaporozhye delivered fresh and beautiful) In June I will be in your city, I will definitely look into the office, so I will personally thank)))
Yegor, 2023.01.03
Thank you very much, I am now your client !!!
Kira, 2023.01.02
I placed an order on the site, I quickly called back and clarified how it would be convenient for me to pay, suggested several ways. The bouquet was delivered the same day to the address. No complaints, I will order more definitely))
Elisabeth, 2023.01.01
I want to express my gratitude to the entire team of the company Felicita !!! The operator listened to all my requests, the florists gathered a bouqute accordingly as I asked. The courier was not late, in general, everything is at the highest level !!! Thank you!
Alina, 2022.12.31
Thanks to the guys from the company, helped to fulfill the order quickly and on time! Super service