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Natalia, 2023.09.25
Thank you for the good service))) the recipient was very pleased! Polite and friendly couriers) reasonable prices)
Xenia, 2023.09.24
Thank you for your efficiency and for making people nice. Good luck !!!
Tatiana, 2023.09.23
Well done guys !!! Everyone was very pleased! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivan, 2023.09.22
I did not see the roses myself, I liked the girl, the delivery was ordered at the exact time, I did not have to wait. I liked everything, thank you!
Konstantin, 2023.09.21
They ordered flowers and sweets, they brought everything, they liked the flowers! Prices are great! The delivery time was changed, pleasantly surprised! Thank you very much!
Ilona, 2023.09.20
Thank you for the service. Work true professionals. Ordering a case from the USA, there were no problems at all. Birthday girl is very pleased. Thanks again. I recommend to everybody your company!)
Nikolay, 2023.09.19
The guys work great! I could not pay for the order, helped, advised, did everything in the best possible way and as soon as possible! I advise)
Julia, 2023.09.18
Thanks you! I can not just enjoy myself !!! Now I will constantly order from you. They did not disappoint.
Sergey, 2023.09.17
Thank you for your attentive approach and speed of order fulfillment!
Anton, 2023.09.16
laced an order through the site, could not immediately pay. Thanks to the operators that helped and told everything in detail. Thank you very much!
Marina, 2023.09.15
Good day! I want to express my deep gratitude to your company! I ordered delivery to Dnipro from you for the first time and was very pleased! The bouquet was fresh and beautifully decorated, delivered on time, as stated! I will definitely contact you again! My best wishes and prosperity to your company !! Happy holidays to you !!!!
Alexander, 2023.09.14
Daughter delighted with the balls, and wife from the flowers! One shot pleased three) Thank you very much !!!
Iryna, 2023.09.13
I ordered balloons for my birthday! A bit late, but everything else is great! The team took into account all the wishes and whims, and made a gorgeous holiday !!! Thanks a lot.
Artem, 2023.09.12
Flowers are gorgeous! Beautiful, fresh, fragrant! Mom was touched. Thank you very much!
Iryna, 2023.09.11
Everything is just super! Delivered on time the order was executed elegantly. Very easy to communicate with a company! Operators always respond quickly! Just super. Thank you so much!
Nick, 2023.09.10
Thanks a lot for efficiency and professionalism :) I recommend
Alina, 2023.09.09
Thank you for a fresh and beautiful bouquet !!! For timely information and for a reasonable price !!!
Maksim, 2023.09.08
Thank you so much!!! I am very glad that I used your service very conveniently and quickly!
Tatiana, 2023.09.07
Thank you very much. Everything is beautiful. Mom is delighted.
Natalia, 2023.09.06
I really liked your work, everything is clear, everything is on time! You have very cool and beautiful flowers! Well done, the work is adjusted, thank you very much!))
Сyrill, 2023.09.05
Thank you so much guys for work, in my case, is the only way to please your near and dear ones, everything is fast, affordable. Well done!
Alexandra, 2023.09.04
Today is a very urgent need to deliver flowers to mum's birthday! Chose a bouquet, picked up a fruit basket! Worried as I never ever ordered from the internet. Delivery on time, as promised, even earlier. Flowers, freshly cut, the words of mom! The freshest! Everything is beautiful! Fruit basket is good! Even a postcard from me. Thank you very much!!! I am writing you down to Contacts, I will use your services. Another point: convenient payment, since I am in another country, for me it was one of the most important issues! Thanks again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oleg, 2023.09.03
Many thanks to all who participated in the implementation of our order. Our grandmother is a birthday girl in seventh heaven with happiness!))) I do not even remember when she was the last time SO enjoyed her birthday))). Believe me, this is very cool - to hear from the 80-year-old granny: "I go out and soooo ... WORTH THE GUY WITH FLOWERS! ME!"))))))))))) Thanks for your work. For your understanding and efficiency! You are great!
Elena, 2023.09.02
Thank you so much for the service! I liked the bouquet very much. Delivery on time. It is a pity that due to the fact that there was no preliminary call, it was not possible to make a photo of the birthday woman with a bouquet. But still thank you very much!
Dmitry, 2023.09.01
I placed an order through an online consultant who answered all my questions and listened to all my wishes. I paid for the order without any problems and in the evening the flowers were delivered to my wife in the Dnieper! I am very satisfied, more than once I will use your services !!! Thank!!!
Tatiana, 2023.08.31
Thanks to the company and the girls-operators for help in placing an order for a cloud of balls, the girlfriend was delighted) I recommend!
Roman, 2023.08.30
Thank you very much, working perfectly! Promptly and professionally !!!!
Svetlana, 2023.08.29
I have been using this service for a long time. Always happy with your work, I highly recommend it!
Oleg, 2023.08.28
Despite the fact that you have the cheapest prices for flowers and balloons, the quality is at the best level))) I would recommend only your company to everyone you know.
Maryann, 2023.08.27
Very grateful to you, everything is just flawless.Birthday girl really liked everything. You are a professional. I will advise you to all our friends!)))) You guys are super, thanks. I recommend you to everyone!!!!)))))
Anton, 2023.08.26
Thank you very much, be sure to turn to you more and will recommend!)
Andy Fletcher, 2023.08.25
Excellent service as usual
Julia, 2023.08.25
Thank you so much for a bee !!! Admiration!!! Surprise succeeded !!!!!!
Olga, 2023.08.24
Well done !!! I thought that it had lime reviews, but still ordered a bouquet and a cake. And the truth did as written in the reviews "ALL SUPER"
Artem, 2023.08.23
The service is just super not the first time ordering delivery, everything is done as it should and in a timely manner. Great thanks
Larisa, 2023.08.22
12/19/2013 was the order of the bouquet through the site as a gift for the mother's birthday. ALL SUPER !!! delivery on time and everything as ordered ... HUGE THANKS for YOU and YOUR services)))
Irene, 2023.08.21
Thanks to all your team for a wonderful holiday !!! The balloons are very bright and beautiful, everyone also really liked the figure from the balls, it is very unusual! The kids were delighted! Thank you, I will get to order something again!!!
Administrator, 2023.08.20
Good afternoon, Vladimir! Thank you for your order and feedback about our work. Regarding the delivery, we would like to clarify that the time in your order was chosen - 8:40. The courier was on the spot at 8:25 am to avoid being late. The guards did not miss our courier, and he was forced to call the recipient to go down to the lobby. It was not possible to make a photo, as there were a lot of children and turmoil. We apologize for this misunderstanding and spoiled mood. Sincerely, administration.
Krishan , 2023.08.19
It was great experince with them . This is second time I ordered with them and they even took my last minute address change request . I love that they provide the picture of recipient after delivering . It is unique and nice . Thank you for all the efforts .
Vladimir, 2023.08.19
Not only was the order delivered 30 minutes ahead of time (although the order indicated the exact time of delivery), but the photo with the recipient of the order was not made !!!! Although this was also part of the order condition. That is, they spoiled everything that they could .. I don’t even have words to describe it all. In addition, the selected composition was very different from the photo on the site. How to understand all this?