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Elena, 2024.05.19
Thanks to the Felicita website for the opportunity to please your loved ones, being far away. I made a request in the evening, and in the morning I called back and confirmed the order! Payment on the Internet. Everything is very fast and convenient!
Max, 2024.05.18
It's magical. Thanks for the work) The recipient was on 7 heaven))
Natasha, 2024.05.17
Sholokhov Andrey, 2024.05.16
Thank you very much!!!! I ordered flowers to my aunt, she liked it !!!!! 10/10
Anton (Sumy), 2024.05.15
You guys are just wizards, everything is clear, fast, neat. Straight eye is happy for our employees, and leave behind a sea of untransmitted sensations. Well done keep it up !!
Maria, 2024.05.14
Thank you so much !!! Once again, they helped to please people close to me!
Roman, 2024.05.13
Thanks, I really liked everything. glad that I turned to you !!!
Nastya, 2024.05.12
Everything is great! The assortment is big! The prices are pleasant! And the main thing - everything is clearly worked out! ;) Thanks !!!
Igor, 2024.05.11
Very beautiful bouquet. Timely delivery.
Tural, 2024.05.10
Thank you so much for your expedite response and meeting my requirements. Wish all the best to you and team. Good job :)
Karina, 2024.05.09
Thank you so much for shipping to Dnepr. It is very pleasant and convenient to work with you.
Antonov Sergey, 2024.05.08
Thank you for delivery! Everything is super !!!
Rauf, 2024.05.07
Everything was done perfectly ... I can only advise !!! thanks to the whole team!
Antonina, 2024.05.06
We ordered a bouquet from Russia to congratulate my daughter on the 25th anniversary in the Dnieper ... In the morning from the daughter on the day of delivery a picture came with a bouquet. I didn’t have time to congratulate her and she received a bouquet from the courier. Thank you for being there.
Dina , 2024.05.05
Thank you! Everything is on time and everything is great!
Anton, 2024.05.04
The guys work like a clock. Everything is just super! Thanks
Alexandra, 2024.05.03
Many thanks to the store and on-line help coordinator who worked in the evening 05.06.2018. very much helped out. they took the order rather late in time, no other store took over, they delivered everything quickly, despite the fact that it was in the private sector. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Natalie, 2024.05.02
Girls who take orders, very polite thanks to you Thank you very much to the courier, did everything perfectly I will use your service more than once)
Lenа, 2024.05.01
Thank you so much! Surprise for my sister was a success !!! P.s. Special thanks for the postcard)
Denis, 2024.04.30
I liked everything. Fast delivery. Polite and quality service by the staff …
Inna, 2024.04.29
May 26th was a sister's wedding. Ordered two bouquets from the mother of the bride and the sister of the bride. Delivered bouquets on time, the flowers are just beautiful. Packed exactly as requested and as discussed previously by phone. Courier arrived on time, no delay. Keep it up!!!
Evelyn, 2024.04.28
Did not get around to write a review. Thank you so much for a wonderful gift for my Mom for my birthday! They helped me, advised a great bouquet! Mom was touched to tears. Now I will order only from you!
Svetlana, 2024.04.27
The company used the services of the company earlier, the order was delivered on time and the girls were very helpful in deciding on the choice. However, the re-order (balloons for the birthday of the child), which was carried out through representatives of the company in the Dnieper, was disappointing because it was not fulfilled on time, which in our situation was very critical. Thanks to the girl operator of the site, which helped to resolve the issue and took a hit.
Zinaida, 2024.04.26
The flowers are very beautiful, fresh! Bouquet in life looks exactly like in the picture. Delivery is impeccable! Thank you very much!
Julia, 2024.04.25
Thank you very much for the excellent work. Excellent site, excellent service, punctual delivery, a wonderful beautiful bouquet, fresh flowers. I will be glad to become your regular customer. I wish you success in business!
Oksana, 2024.04.24
Ordered balloons more than once on the site Felicita, always timely delivery, all the balloons ordered for a long time hold on the ceiling, do not deflate. We will order more.
Dinara , 2024.04.23
Thank you so much for your work. I ordered balloons for my younger son for my birthday. The courier brought the balls at the appointed time. The child is delighted, the children are delighted with the balls. Thanks again. I recommend the company and I will contact and advise myself.
k.e.o.81.01.08, 2024.04.22
I am a regular customer of this site. Friendly staff, florists are always on top, if you want something original will take into account all the wishes! I wish you further prosperity!
Denis, 2024.04.21
Bouquets - available and luxurious. Macaroons fresh! The sister who sent the birthday present was immensely pleased, and yet we live in different cities, so personal greetings are rare. Thanks to the company! I advise everyone!!!
Olesya, 2024.04.20
Nice bouquets and flowers. Polite staff and fast quality courier delivery. Prices are adequate.
Vladimir Nesterenko, 2024.04.19
Very high quality work. Thank you so much ! I ordered 4 times. Each time I was consulted, helped to decide.
Ulyana Stadnikova, 2024.04.18
Thank you, the order is completed, our parents who had an anniversary of 60 years of marriage together, were happy and proud. You helped make parents happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lydia, 2024.04.17
Thank you very much for the excellent work! A beautiful bouquet and delivered on time! At a time when congratulating loved ones personally is not possible due to the large distance between cities, your work is just a “magic wand!” A surprise in the form of a bouquet of flowers was a wonderful gift! Thanks again! I wish you success and prosperity!
Andrei, 2024.04.16
Not once ordered flowers through this online store. Delivery service is pleased with its quality service. This time I ordered from a business trip. So, too, delivered to the recipient on time, I have no complaints. I hope in the future cooperation with you will be as pleasant
Alexander, 2024.04.15
Thank you so much for the opportunity to please my beloved when I am far from her!
Evgenia, 2024.04.14
Impeccable work. Above all praise : bouquet and delivery. Thank you.
Victoria, 2024.04.13
Thank you so much that you are giving not only cool and incredibly beautiful flowers, but also pleasant emotions !!! I recommend to everyone !!
Galina Anatol'evna, 2024.04.12
Hello! The first time I used your service. Very pleased with their service. Thank you so much for the shipping. Thank you for giving a holiday!
Marina, 2024.04.11
Thank you so much for the shipping! I used your services. I really wanted to make a nice surprise for my aunt for my birthday. I was very pleased with the amazing service, punctual staff, excellent quality of flowers.
Oleg Petrovich, 2024.04.10
You are helping to give loved ones great joy beyond all boundaries and distances !! We are very grateful to you! Health, success and prosperity of your company.