September Flower Trends

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01 September

September marks the time when nature transitions from the scorching summer to the golden autumn. This month brings us new colors, aromas, and, of course, flower trends. Which flowers are most in demand this season, and what kind of compositions can surprise us?

Seasonal Selection

September serves as a bridge between summer and fall, bringing its unique palette of colors and shades. It's a time when some flowers are just starting to bloom, while others are concluding their cycle.

Dahlias are the cornerstone of autumn bouquets due to their variety of shapes and colors. They can be double or simple, vibrant or pastel. Chrysanthemums are predominantly associated with late autumn, bringing warm, vivid shades to September compositions. Asters, with their delicate petals, add gentleness and lightness to any bouquet.

Naturalness and Eco-friendliness

Today, more and more people recognize the importance of sustainable development and environmental responsibility. This also applies to the world of floristry.

The use of natural materials, such as willow, oak, alder, or wooden elements, enables the creation of more eco-friendly compositions. Dried flowers also play a significant role, as they require minimal care and can maintain their beauty for a long time without replacement. Choosing local flowers is also crucial, reducing the carbon footprint of transportation and supporting local producers.

The eco-friendly trend extends beyond materials and encompasses the approach to floristry itself - less plastic, more reuse, and attention to the environment.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are flowers or plants that have undergone special treatment to preserve their natural appearance for an extended period. They have become extremely popular due to their durability and exquisite appearance.

Lavender, with its delicate scent, can serve as the basis for a dried flower composition or an additional element. Dry eucalyptus branches add green color and freshness, while chamomile contributes tenderness and charm. The use of dried flowers in compositions is also an excellent solution for those who value longevity and endurance.

Exotic Touches

With the advent of fast flower delivery from all corners of the world, exotic plants have become more accessible to a wide audience. Orchids, with their bright and unique petals, can add a touch of the tropics to a bouquet. Proteas, with their unusual shape, create an accent in the composition, and monster leaves bring a modern touch.

Color Palette

Autumn brings a range of deep, warm shades. Burgundy is the color trend of this season, symbolizing depth and resilience. Dark green reflects naturalness and connection with nature, while brown represents stability and warmth. Golden and copper accents can add sparkle and luxury to autumn compositions, making them even more elegant and sophisticated.

September flower trends reflect the profound changes in nature during this transitional month between summer and autumn. They embody tranquility, harmony, and maturity that autumn brings. The seasonality of flowers allows us to feel connected to the earth and natural rhythms, while the choice of natural and eco-friendly materials reflects the overall trend toward sustainable development and mindful use of natural resources.

Exotic plants, increasingly used in floristry, offer the opportunity to add unique charm and a sense of global culture to our homes. And color, as always, is a powerful tool for conveying emotions and recreating the autumn atmosphere.

Ultimately, regardless of specific trends, what's important is the feeling that a bouquet or composition brings to a home or the lives of those around us. The value of a floral composition lies in its ability to evoke emotions, reflect a particular moment in life, and create a special atmosphere.

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